Boo and Hiccup

Throughout most of my pregnancy Boo seemed pretty much oblivious to my growing belly. Sure, I’d talk to him about the baby, and tell him all about how he was going to be a big brother. I’d point to my belly and tell him how his little sister was in there…

But it was only at the very end that he started poking my belly, and looking at it with some degree of curiosity. I can’t imagine he didn’t know there was something in there, poking and prodding him when he cuddled up to me.

So to be honest, we weren’t really sure how Boo was going to react to the baby.

And at the very start….well….he didn’t react much. When his Daddy brought him to the hospital to see Mama and meet the baby for the very first time, he barely looked at her long enough to poke her once or twice. He was far more interested in the hospital room, its cupboards, drawers, the bed, the chairs, everything but the baby.

Boo meeting Hiccup for the first time

Once we brought Hiccup home, I don’t think Hiccup’s presence really registered with him. Though he did, admittedly, give me space to nurse and care for her. But it was like he was completely oblivious of her, while still understanding that I had to sit and be still…for whatever reason. So he’d wander around me while I was nursing, and bring me books to read to him. He’d place them on the pillow behind Hiccup, or directly in my hand. Sometimes he’d listen and lean on the pillow, but never seemed to want to displace Hiccup in any way. It continued like this for the first few weeks.

Then suddenly things began to change. Boo began to notice Hiccup a little more. Initially he’d get down close to her while she was in her (formerly his) bouncer and pinch her hands and feet. We told him he was welcome to be curious and touch her, but that he had to do so gently. And you know what? After a few days the pinching stopped and gave way to his patting Hiccup on the back, on her head, her limbs. Gently. Very very gently.

Boo kissing Hiccup

Boo looking at Hiccup

So we told him (and keep telling him) that his gentle pats are very nice, and that he’s being a good big brother. And he keeps getting in close and patting Hiccup gently…he also seems to be developing an actual interest in her. When Hiccup cries he runs to her, often beating me to her side. Once there he wants to pat her (to soothe her?) or at least look at her if he can’t reach.

Boo watching Hiccup in the play yard

When Hiccup is fast asleep he’ll wander into her room to peer over the side of the play yard, or climb onto the bed to sit next to her (because of course she sleeps best EVERYWHERE but her designated sleeping space). Sure, he gets a mischievous little look on his face as he does so…but Boo almost ALWAYS has a mischievous look on his face.

Boo and Hiccup on the bed

…So proud of my little man, and the good big brother he’s being!

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Hiccup’s birth story

It’s been a few weeks now since the new baby arrived. We’re getting into the groove of things with her, adjusting to being a family of four, and (as of this week) introducing our little man to daycare (sniff, sniff). Which all means I’ve had a little time to reflect on Hiccup’s arrival.

Hiccup right after she was borm

To be completely honest I was pretty apprehensive about going into labour…even though it was my second child, I didn’t really know what to expect.

With Boo, my water broke long before I felt any contractions. At the hospital they determined I hadn’t dilated at all and put me on oxytocin to move things along. I responded a little too well to the drugs, and went from about 0-7cm dilation in less than 2 hours. I went from feeling virtually nothing to super can’t-even-talk-can-only-grunt painful. Once I received my epidural, labour slowed down dramatically. It was a long ordeal lasting about 18 hours from start to finish.

So on July 30, when I started feeling a bit crampy at about 4pm…I didn’t think much of it. In fact, I just thought I needed to use the toilet. And I eventually did. I called my husband (from the bathroom no less) and asked him to head home to help out with Boo. I told him I wasn’t feeling well. By then it was 4:45.

I finished up with my bathroom buddy making as much mischief as he could, but the cramping didn’t go away. I purposely stopped myself from being distracted by Boo and started thinking “Oh shit…this could be it!”. I timed my cramps, and quickly realized they were, in fact, contractions. And they were coming fast. Four or five minutes apart.

Last minute items were thrown into my hospital bag. I called my mom so she could start the 2+ hour drive to Montreal. I called my sister-in-law so she could come to care for Boo. I called my husband to find out where the hell he was, and to let him know it was time.

Once he got home, we didn’t wait around. My contractions were now coming 3-4 minutes apart, and we were painfully aware that it was rush hour. We threw Boo into the car and headed to the hospital, calling my sister-in-law en route to come meet us there.

I remember walking through the hospital hallways and elevator, pausing whenever I had a contraction, and seeing the look on peoples’ faces as they realized I was in labour. Priceless.

Standard procedure before being admitted required that I be put under observation for twenty minutes to measure my contractions, the baby’s heartbeat, and to check how dilated I was. I was already over 6cm dilated, and was immediately admitted. It was now going on 6:30pm.

From here on in, things started moving fast(er).

My contractions got worse. My mom arrived. I crushed my husband’s hands as I breathed through the pain. I got an epidural (because drugs….). Unfortunately the epidural didn’t do much – my contractions were increasing too quickly – and it only ever managed to kinda take the edge off the pain at the very end. I started to push and was miraculously in a good mood while doing so. I JOKED with my husband, mom, nurses and doctor. There was laughter in the delivery room. I was anxious and eager to push push push as my contractions seemed to come one after the other, breaking only to catch my breath. My little girl was born without complications (but with an extra push or two) at 8:39pm. I got to hold her immediately. I was tired, but happy to have my little girl stay with me, rather than being whisked off to the ICU as her brother had been. I offered her my breast, and she latched on like a pro.

Mama and Hiccup in the delivery room

It was a completely different – and better – labour than I’d experienced the first time around.

Sure, there was pain.

Sure, I was bruised, stitched up and sore afterward.

Sure, I bled. And bled. And bled (and continue to bleed 4 weeks later).

But none of that matters.

I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Welcome little Hiccup!

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Lately, No. 13

During the two weeks preceding the new baby’s arrival, I stopped working altogether, we said a sad farewell to the nanny, and I did my best to waddle after and entertain my very active toddler. I tried to get him outside as much as possible, usually in the mornings before it got too hot. We paid LOTS of visits to the local park. Daddy tagged along on weekends.

Boo sliding by himself

Boo climbing the ladder to his favourite slide

Boo on the jungle gym bridge

Boo and Daddy climbing the slide

When it was too hot, humid or rainy to go outside, we did our best to entertain ourselves inside. We practiced sorting and stacking…

Boo playing at his table

We played with Play-Doh (I was quite proud of my Play-Doh elephant…Boo wasn’t so impressed)…

Mama's Play-Doh Elephant

We danced to Sesame Street songs…

Boo dancing with Mummy

And, I’ll be completely honest, we watched some TV…

Boo laughing at the TV

We also worked on getting the little man to eat table food (still not going so well…placing an item in his mouth, and then promptly spitting it out is about as far as we’ve gotten)…

Boo almost eating a cheesy

And on feeding himself with a spoon (also not going so well…note the lack of yogourt on his face)…

Boo playing with his yogourt

Two days before I popped, we roped Auntie Jenny into visiting the splash pad with us…

Boo and Auntie Jenny at Aquaciel

…Where, of course, the slides still proved the most popular attraction.

Boo on the slide while Mama watches

Boo on the slides at Aquaciel

Though it could be exhausting at times (some days all I wanted was to put my feet up and eat watermelon and cookies), we had great fun spending some quality time together before the arrival of the new baby.

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Kind of Lately: Backyard water fun!

So the new baby is here.

Wow….one day we were a family of three and suddenly we’re (officially) four. You know it’s coming (I mean, I was pregnant after all), but it still kinda blows your mind when it happens.

So rather than think about having my mind blown (I’m still in that sleep-deprived, my newborn is operating on a reverse schedule, kind of state), I’d like to share some photos from a few weeks ago that have been sitting, edited, in a folder on my desktop.

Just a few days before I officially stopped working part-time and while we still had child care for Boo, it got hot. Really hot. The kind of hot that had my very pregnant self mostly staying inside, taking full advantage of the air conditioning. Boo and his nanny, on the other hand, weren’t at all avoiding an opportunity for some fun in the sun (and water).

Boo and Lesley with the hose

Boo being hosed down

With Boo’s birthday being in the Fall, my parents decided awhile back that they’d give him early birthday presents that could be enjoyed throughout the Summer. For his (upcoming) second birthday they gave him a sandbox….which we’ve been using as a mini-wading pool, since he hasn’t completely gotten into playing in the sand yet.

Boo reaching for the hose

Boo drinking from the hose

Boo just loves the water – no matter its source…so a wading pool + garden hose = instant hit!

Boo trying to drink from hose by himself

Boo enjoying the water

Look at that face!

Of course he only likes the water on his terms. He’ll jump in puddles, spray himself in the face with a hose, and be all around fascinated with getting wet. Until it’s bath time. Then he’s suddenly completely averse to even sitting in the tub, and can’t stand to get even a little water in his face. Go figure.

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What I want to remember: Snuggling with both of my babies

Okay, so technically, I’m not really snuggling with both of my babies…but whatever. Let’s not be technical here and focus on what’s important:

Those amazing peaceful moments when Boo Boo falls asleep in my arms, or snuggles in real close, and I get to sit there and enjoy holding him…and at the same time feel the baby moving in my belly. It’s kinda sorta wonderful to think I’ve got both of my little ones so close to me – and to each other, for that matter.

Snuggling with Boo on the couch

Sometimes I’ll delay putting Boo into his crib far longer than I really need to, just to soak up and enjoy the feeling. To try and (very imperfectly) memorize it. Because who knows how the little man will react to his little sister? Who knows when I’ll get to snuggle my two babies at once after she’s born?

And since I can’t answer those questions I’m allowing myself to linger a little longer than necessary. To just be and enjoy.

Boo snoozing on Mama on the couch

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