The Comeback Kid

About a year ago, I decided to change hosting plans, transfer my domain, and do a little spring cleaning on my site…at the same time, I decided I’d give it a much needed facelift to better reflect my current aesthetic.

A funny thing happened along the way, though…I took my site down, but never put it back up. As I started to work on its new design and structure, I started questioning its purpose…did I really want just another portfolio website? Didn’t I have more to say than “here’s some of my stuff”?

I thought about it. And then I thought about it some more. I went on a few vacations where I tried not to think about it at all (here I am in Niagara Falls, enjoying the sun, the mist and the resulting rainbows…I can assure you, I was not thinking about my website).

And then I just knew the answer: no…and yes.

So here it is…about a year late, but with a design I like (for now!), and a new focus: while the portfolio remains, the emphasis is now a blog…where I’ll share crafty and design projects and inspiration, digital resources for the DIY and design-inclined, current obsessions, and anything else of interest that happens to cross my path – either online, in life, or (God-willing) on vacation.

Welcome back!


3 comments on “The Comeback Kid

  1. Suzanne

    Welcome back!
    Love the look of your new ‘Modern Rags’ & look forward to your postings on your blog – have always enjoyed your musings.

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