Type Tuesdays: Fat Fonts

Many of the blogs I read and enjoy have theme posts, usually associated with a particular day of the week…I’ve decided to get in on the action with my very first theme: Type Tuesdays!

(or more likely: Type-Every-Once-In-A-Blue-Moon-Tuesdays)

This Tuesday, I’m sharing some of my favourite (and FREE!) slab serifs and fat sans serifs that are explicitly meant for headlines and to grab your attention (I’m not talking font families that happen to have an extra or ultra bold weight). So without further ado…and in almost no particular order:


A beautiful display slab serif created by Juan Pablo de Gregorio, one of the contributors over at Typies…Admittedly, I’m quite in love with this font, and keep trying to use it somewhere…anywhere. It’ll happen. To use it in your own projects, you can get it here.

MEgalopolis Extra

Created by French font factory SMeltery, I’ve got a particular soft spot for this one (just look around the site)….it’s got a fantastic and somewhat playful look about it, is easy to read, and comes with a whackload of OpenType ligatures and special characters. This one’s my typography BFF…become acquainted with MEgalopolis Extra yourself by downloading it here.

Chunk Five

Another slab serif, with a slightly old-fashioned poster feel to it. It’s a great example of a font demonstrating that typography really can stand on its own, with no need for graphics or imagery. Chunk Five was created by The League of Moveable Type, and can be downloaded here.

Birra Stout

Created by Brooklyn-based Darden Studio, Birra Stout is very unique, with interesting angles and curves in unexpected places…this is a recent “purchase” of mine….if you want it too, you can buy it for $0.

Giant Head

And finally, here’s a fun one brought to you by Blue Vinyl Fonts…it comes as a set that’s meant to be laid one on top of the other. Download it and have some fun!

…now all that’s left is to find the perfect headline!


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