Changing The Face of Men’s Health

In case you haven’t heard, November has been re-christened Movember in an effort to raise funds for prostate cancer…the “mo” is in reference to the fact that men all over the world will be growing moustaches throughout the month as they campaign for your donations.

As a Mo-Sista, I am incapable of growing a moustache…but can still raise money for the cause (donate here if men’s prostates are important to you), and spread inspiration…here’s a little help to my moustache-growing mo-bros, and a few fun items to help spread the word about Movember and prostate health.

If you’re growing a moustache, and either you or your significant other is suffering from its bristles, then some Natural Moustache and Beard Softener Spray, courtesy of JoyfulGirlNatural might come in handy. Once that moustache really gets growing, though, it’ll be Scodioli Creative to the rescue, with their Whisker Wax to help tame and coif your stylin’ moustache.

To get the word out somewhere other than your face, show a little love for the moustache with this 4-pack of 1-inch “I Love Moustache” buttons created by sprocketbox.

For slightly dressier pins, go for these Fancy Moustache Pins handcrafted in black, white and silver vinyl by Montrealer yummypocket…perfect for any occasion, and any outfit!

Or, for the ultimate in sophistication, get yourself one of idlehandsdesigns‘ oxidized sterling silver Fancy Moustache Necklaces…it doesn’t get any classier than this.

For Mo-Sista’s looking to get into the action in a slightly less formal way, then head no further than Hamilton, ON where LoveElycia has just the thing: her Incognito Moustache Headband will add a little moustache-bling to your outfit without breaking the bank.

Finally, if you just desperately want your own mo, but can’t grow one, or don’t have the patience or the inclination to go through that “awkward” phase, then you’re in need of Little Retreats‘ set of 8 of your very own Stache-Tastic Moustaches.

And last but not least, let’s not forget your home…why not show your support for the cause with this super cute Mr. Moustache hand embroidered wall decoration, by Vancouver-based bubblyshnooks.

For more moustache-related goodies – from totes, to t-shirts, to coffee mugs – perform a search for mustache (or the alternate moustache) on Etsy.


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