Type Tuesdays: Pretty in Grunge

As much as I admire some of the fantastic grunge designs out there, I can never really fully commit to it myself. Rather, I prefer to pick and choose grungy elements and incorporate them into my layouts…like a grungy background, torn or frayed textures, or interesting fonts that are either full grunge, or just a little distressed or eroded.

For this week’s Type Tuesday, I’m highlighting some really beautiful fonts that all have a touch of grunge to them…enjoy:

Angelic War

If capital letters aren’t too important to you, then Angelic War is a beautiful option for your designs…with tons of swooshy flourishes, it adds a lovely touch of femininity to a relatively simple distressed serif. Designed by Dirt2, Angelic War is free for personal use – grab it here.

Chic Decay

Free for personal use and created by Last Soundtrack, Chic Decay is a beautiful ornamental serif that is all about layered flourishes, letters, and bits of erosion. The more you look at it, the more you see…see it for yourself here.


If you’re looking for a splotchy script (perhaps invoking the sense of a spilled inkwell), then Ginga is for you…It’s got sweeping flourishes, and a somewhat layered look about it. And splotches, of course. Not too many, but just enough to give it a distressed and slightly sloppy look. Created by Billy Argel, Ginga is free, and can be downloaded here.

The King & Queen Font

I’m never really sure how to describe The King & Queen Font…it’s an interesting script that looks almost like someone’s traced it over a few times, adding little details and flourishes each time that remind me of vines…as an added touch, there’s a little bit of splotchiness incorporated into the punctuation. You can download The King & Queen Font here, and use it to your heart’s content…it’s free for use, thanks to type designer Bran.

Olho de Boi

Another free font from Billy Argel, Olho de Boi is a great script that borders on handwriting, but looks like it was written with a slightly shaky hand…and with a little too much ink on the nib. Get it here.


If you’re looking for a beautiful alternative to script standards such as Edwardian Script or Snell Roundhand, try Porcelain…what makes this script so beautiful (besides it’s amazingly intricate uppercase letters) and just a little bit grunge, is the slight offset observed in all of its loops…giving it just a touch of misalignment, but a ton of interest. Porcelain was designed by Misprinted Type and is free to download.


Also by Misprinted Type, Selfish is a slightly exaggerated version of Porcelain…the swooshes are reduced, but the misalignment/offset is increased, creating a slightly heavier looking script, with lots of visual interest. You can visualize it for yourself (and for free!) right here.


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