Friday I’m in Love

I’ve been living in what’s supposed to be a temporary apartment for over 4 months now…Because there’s an expectation (or hope) that I’ll be moving again soon, non-essentials were left packed. That means I have no knick-knacks or mementos out, and my walls are bare.

As I look at the very light peachy colour of my apartments’ walls, I yearn for a time when I’ll be able to paint my own colour scheme, and decorate. This weeks’ picks for Friday I’m in Love are some of the items I’d love to put on my future apartments’ walls.

Mixed media art always pulls me in, somehow…I love the combination of everyday ephemera, like scraps of newspaper or handwritten notes, with unexpected doodles, paintings or illustrations. This Mini Bluebird print by Dolan Geiman is the perfect example (and as if to emphasize its mixed media-ness, it’s printed on a block of poplar wood). See more of Dolan’s work on his website, or head over to his Etsy shop to see what’s for sale.

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan….both in print and in BBC productions (!). When I saw this print of an original oil painting of just Austen Dresses (and no bias for any one story), I could easily imagine it adorning the wall of a little nook, with a wingback armchair and reading light…I can dream. See Janet Hill Studio for more lovely paintings of everyday scenes, or stop by her Etsy shop to get your own reading nook print.

This combination of pink, balloons, bunting, and sweet treats by local Montrealer Eva Juliet won me over immediately. Her La Vie est Belle art print set has a wonderful sense of innocence and whimsy…it’d be adorable in a little girl’s room, or by your vanity. Check out her shop for more fantastic illustrations (including some that would look great in the kitchen).

I love bright colours…this print entitled Three’s a Crowd really appeals to me with its bright red wellingtons and vibrant blue juxtaposed with the snowy white bird and black and white leggings….and I just love vol25’s style…to see more of her work, check out her website, or go peruse the offerings in her shop.

I must have a weak spot for hearts in speech and thought bubbles.

What drew me to this digital painting by Brad Collins was the formality of the subjects’ attire, combined with the informality of the bubble gum…and possibly the combination of red and blue (again). The piece is aptly named The Love of Bubblegum and Red Dresses, and is just one example of Brad’s apparent bias for fun subjects: many of the pieces in his shop are of pop culture icons like Han Solo and Chewy, Audrey Hepburn and Doctor Who.


6 comments on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Brad Collins

    Hey. Thanks for including my bubblegum girl painting in this.

    There’s an interesting story behind that one.

    She’s a real person! Someone I’ve met a couple of times.

    I’ve hung this painting in galleries all over the city and surrounding towns, and everyone always wants to try and guess which celebrity it is. Some have said Wynona Rider, or thought it was Audrey Hepburn or Audrey Tautou, or Rachel Weisz. Actually, her name is Ashley, and I happened to see her wearing this dress at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago.

    I painted the picture to try and impress her, actually. I don’t know if it worked or not, but in any case, it’s definitely one of my more popular pieces. It’s also one of my quicker piece. I managed to paint it in under an hour.

    Anyway, that’s the story. And thanks again for the feature.

    1. Andrea (Modern Rags)

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks so much! I worked very hard on it, and really appreciate your comments.

      ….I visited your own site, and was pretty amazed at your photography. Wow. You’ve got some very beautiful and moving shots there.

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