Friday I’m in Love: Braids

I’ve been aiming to grow my hair out for about a year now, and I think it’s coming along quite nicely (I’m blessed with fast growing hair). As it continues to get longer though, I’ve become acutely aware of two very important things:

1. I desperately need a trim (it’s embarrassing how many split ends I have)
2. I am a terribly boring hair stylist. Seriously.

I’d like to think it’s due to a lack of time. It’s just faster to pin back my bangs, throw my hair into a ponytail, or throw on a headband (I’ve got some real pretty ones, too, from Blue Eyed Freckle, and The Candy Thief). But I know that’s not true…

You see, there’s a reason I used to keep my hair short, and mostly focus on changing my hair colour for fun: I couldn’t do anything else. So this week, I’m lusting after hairstyles I desperately wish I could create for myself….

Like this (source):

This (source):

(I’d like to think I might actually manage this one…there’s a tutorial for it over on A Beautiful Mess)

Or this (source):

Or, in my wildest hairstyling dreams, I could do something like this (source):

Who am I kidding, I’d even settle for a more interesting ponytail, like this one (source):


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