Friday I’m in Love: A Dream in Mint

I love colour. In fact, sometimes I think I crave it…almost like craving a favourite snack food: it just gets on your mind, and you can’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Living in my light-peachy coloured temporary apartment (yes…the whole apartment is the same colour) with no wall hangings to break it up, has got me craving colours I actually like (no offence to peach)….colours like mint green and its cousin seafoam.

Speaking of my bare walls, Little Brown Pen’s photo collection Paris in Mint would do just the trick to make my walls a little less bare and satisfy my colour craving. I just love the idea of representing a city by colour (if mint isn’t really your thing, see more colours in their shop).

If I felt inclined to try my own hand at photographing my city in the same way, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot on this cutie I came across on Ebba Gulliksen’s site:

While snapping my photos, I could get around town on these nifty roller skates from Urban Outfitters (well…in theory I could get around town…in reality, I’d immediately land on my bottom) that I discovered while browsing Pinterest:

To make the occasion more of an event (because trust me, seeing me on roller skates would be a heck of an event), I could wear this beautiful mint green silk taffeta prom dress by Dig For Victory…not only do I love love love the colour, it’s got a fantastic 1950s style that might actually get me in a dress. So pretty.

Finally, after a day of photography and roller skating in my formal wear, I might get a little peckish. What better way to satisfy my colour craving than with these beautiful mint green macarons from Buenos Aires Pastry. Delicious. Beautiful. Minty. And a wonderful tie-in with all my talk of food cravings above.

The only thing missing to make it a perfect ending: a glass milk…that is, a glass of milk fetched out of a mint green SMEG fridge. Hello?! Can I say L-O-V-E? Thanks to Apartment Therapy for bringing it to my attention. It’s given me a whole new outlook on kitchens.

Only my kitchen would probably be a little homier (and let’s be honest…a whole lot messier). As much as I’d love to keep my mint fridge pristine and clean (the better to see it) I couldn’t resist throwing up some magnet art. Elle Moss’ The Great Divide, complete with mint green cardigan, would be perfect.

I can just picture it now…me sitting in my kitchen in my prom dress and roller skates, enjoying mint green macarons, drinking milk from my mint green SMEG fridge, and staring at the dreamy surreal worlds created in Elle’s photography, and me transported to…you know…a world without peach-coloured walls.

See more of Elle Moss’ fantastic photos in her shop.


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