Scrap Paper Notebooks: Check!

Remember my recycled scrap paper to do? Well, I was pretty determined to try it out. So I took my heaps of scrap paper, bought a small paper trimmer (on sale), and tracked down some washi tape….and presto! A few glue mishaps later, and I’ve got myself some brand spanking new recycled scrap paper notebooks!

I started with some old paper bags I had hanging around, and piles and piles of old scrap paper: old one-sided print-outs, as well as miscellaneous odds and ends from old notebooks and pads, like graph paper, sketchbook paper, tracing paper, etc.

The tutorial I followed wasn’t too specific on the type of glue to use (it mentioned a few). I used white LePage glue. I think for future notebooks, however, I might try to get my hands on some actual bookbinders glue, or something like a flexible contact cement.

Regardless, I covered up the spine with wide masking tape first, and then made it prettier with washi tape….to open the book without completely cracking (i.e. breaking) the spine, I’m going to crease the cover and pages as I go.

I’m quite please with how they turned out…I’ll use them for blog, craft and jewellery ideas. Hurrah!


3 comments on “Scrap Paper Notebooks: Check!

    1. Andrea (Modern Rags)

      It’s really kind of satisfying…especially now that I’ve started using the books.

      I say go for it!! The worst that can happen is you’ll mess up some scrap paper and throw it in the recycle bin!

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