Cat Scratch Camouflage

I have a cat. He’s adorable. He’s talkative. He’s recently been diagnosed with feline hyperesthesia (poor little bugger). When he isn’t hiding as a result of it, he loves to have his belly pet. He loves treats, duck and green pea cat food, and the scratch post my dad made for him. His name is Weasley:

Sometimes, however, he’s a total brat and decides his scratch post needs a rest, and attacks my couch instead….until now, I’ve mostly made sad attempts to clean up his mess by “trimming” the fabric he pulls out. When I get fed up, I try to dissuade him from continuing to scratch by covering the areas he gravitates towards with aluminium foil. It’s effective, but ugly.

I came across this idea by Amy Gross the other night, however:

Granted, it doesn’t fix the problem, but with a few doilies, I can at least make it a lot nicer to look at. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for pretty doilies starting now…and if I find some, project cat scratch camouflage will be put into action!

Does anyone else out there have a cat that enjoys ruining your couch? How do you deal with it?


9 comments on “Cat Scratch Camouflage

  1. Deja

    I have two cats who enjoy ruining EVERYthing I own. I’m almost ready to throw my couch out because of this, though I need a new one anyway. This looks like a fantastic idea though. My couch is beyond repair however, but I’ll keep this in mind for the next one I get. That’s terrible about your kitty, poor thing. I also have a special needs cat.

    1. Deja

      Hmm let’s see. My Buddha statue, my room dividers, my shoes, all of my flower pots, the list goes on, hahaha. But that’s a kitten for you. :)

  2. Amy

    Just to add to the doilie sofa story, my cat Solomon never touched the couch again. Maybe he tried and got caught in the crochet and hated that, or he decided that he was way too macho to be seen near tea-stained doilies. I’ll never know. But hey, if it works…

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