Yea or Nay: Shrinky Dink Pendants?

Awhile back I went on a mad, obsessive, hunt for Shrinky Dinks. Not just any Shrinky Dinks, but ones that could be printed on. I found them at Michael’s (bless their hearts), and started some very expensive experimenting…(Shrinky Dinks don’t come cheap).

The general idea was to use Shrinky Dinks to create custom pendants…either from interesting images I’d found or scanned (from magazines, comics, newspapers, maps, whatever), Photoshop brushes, vector graphics, etc. For example:

…and then, incorporate them into jewellery designs, like this one:

I quite like octopuses…I think with all their tentacles, they’re very visually interesting.

So…what’s the verdict? Is this interesting and fun? Or lame and junky? Would you be willing to buy jewellery with Shrinky Dink components?


4 comments on “Yea or Nay: Shrinky Dink Pendants?

  1. Van

    I love to do this with shrinky dinks, and I made a few of these myself. My friend owns a successful boutique and makes these occasionally and they sell well every time.

    These ones you’ve made are gorgeous! LOVE the octopus one and the Japanese kokeshi doll style one! :)

    Beautiful design blog/portfolio/resume you have here! I’ll be back for more inspiration!

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