Show & Tell: Norwegian Wood

So I figure I need to get this post up now, before the end of January…because really? Should I still be making references to Christmas? Probably not…but I will, anyway.

For this past Christmas, I did some shopping at the winter Puces Pop craft fair, where I stumbled across Angie Johnson – the designer behind Norwegian Wood.

Now, I won’t lie. I’d heard of Angie before (and I told her so)…her online shop iheartnorwegianwood is already among my Etsy favourites, I’d heard of her local shop, Headquarters Galerie + Boutique (which actually closed its doors last week), and I remembered salivating over her beautiful DIY wedding photos posted on Design*Sponge this past summer. No…I’m not stalking her. I just have a good memory when someone does something really really well. Rather, I admire her…and the fact she’s based in my hometown helps, too.

Standing at her table, looking over her gorgeous creations, what I really wanted to do was buy one of her maximum fringe necklaces for….ummm….myself:

…But then I remembered I was there to shop for others (you know…it being Christmas, and all), and instead opted for a beautiful and playful pair of fringe earrings like these for my sister-in-law (only the ones I bought her are “grown-up” pink, and she just loves them…they look so special on her):

And because I absolutely couldn’t resist (I’m not superwoman, after all), I picked up a little something for myself…this very pretty bobby pin to help dress up my hair when it needs a pick-me-up (which is often):

FYI: If you’re in the Montreal area, you may be interested to know that Puces Pop has announced another craft fair on March 5-6…any takers?


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