Friday I’m In Love: Vacation Prep (otherwise known as a reason to buy random stuff)

I’m headed to Italy in a little under a month. It’ll be my second visit – my boy and I loved it so much the first time we’re headed back for more. The benefit of this is that we know what to expect: For instance, we know how to order food in restaurants (get multiple dishes). We know how to cross the street (step onto it). And we know that a daily gelato is an absolute must (more if your waistline can afford it!).

Notwithstanding the fact we’re basically prepared, I still have the sense that I’m lacking in necessities…that I don’t have the right clothes, or the right shoes…that I need more “equipment” (read: gadgets) to help me deal with everyday life on the road. It’s silly, really, because I get this feeling before every single vacation I go on….and all it is, is an excuse to buy stuff.

Here’s what I’m currently loving, and absolutely must have for my upcoming trip:

An e-reader. Every vacation I pack my bag full of books, in the hopes they’ll last until the plane touches down back home. More often than not….they don’t. This time around, I won’t have the weight or the worry that I’ll run out, because instead I’ll be bringing dozens, if not hundreds of books with me on my brand spanking new Kindle. Yep. I’ve already bought it (because, of course, I had to “learn” how to use it!), as well as an apple green cover, complete with a handy-dandy light (perfect for reading in low-level lighting conditions like a plane).

A new tote (or purse, or shoulder bag, or whatever). One that can double as my carry-on for the plane, and that I can use in my day-to-day adventures. Something that’ll fit my Kindle, wallet, tour books, water bottles, snacks, maps, a cardigan, small purchases, you name it. Oh, and it’d be great if it allowed me to organize everything inside and closed securely.

Something like Selina Vaughan’s absolutely beautiful and unique vintage seed sack totes. Available on her website, as well as through her Etsy store, these bags are both large enough, and appear to have a sufficient amount of organizational aids inside their zippered closures. I’ve been lusting after these for awhile, only can’t decide which one I like best….

Another purse-maker that’s caught my eye on Etsy is Milloo from Greece. She’s got a great assortment of styles, in both affordable canvas, as well as more expensive leather versions. I particularly like her Kallia bags (especially the bright red and green ones), as well as the Elessa. This one’s got more of a purse-y feel to it, but remains sufficiently large to pack a lot of stuff, and offers two ways to carry it. Both practical and pretty.

Shoes. Don’t I always need shoes? Of course I do! But my upcoming trip is just an excuse to get them now. As usual, my shoe fantasies err on the side of practical and cute. Like Ugg Australia’s Neema II in Mist Denim….I won’t lie to you: I bought these after work yesterday. As soon as I’d slipped them on my feet, and felt their cushion-y softness, it was a done deal. So comfy.

Skinny pants. Dare I elaborate? Jeggings. I don’t know if I should be happy about this new found (and comfortable) discovery, or hanging my head in shame.

A dress. Anyone who knows me really well thinks I’m lying right now…but it’s true. Before every vacation I start dreaming of a world where I shave my legs regularly (!) and wear dresses. Deep (deep, deep) down, I want to be more feminine, and wear dresses. Even deeper down, I suspect a part of me also sees the practicality of not having to match a top and bottom…but I digress.

I discovered Shabby Apple this week, and have once again begun dreaming in technicolour about wearing dresses. Like their super cute Gondola dress that looks like a separate kelly green top (love!) and amazing striped bottom (love x2!).

And if only I looked good in yellow (do I? I don’t think so…)…because I adore the cute scalloped top on Bellissima. It just looks like a happy outfit to wear:

So…am I nuts? Or does everyone have the same irrational need to buy new things before a vacation? (Because honestly? my wallet would definitely appreciate a slightly more practical approach, considering the costs of the vacation itself.)


4 comments on “Friday I’m In Love: Vacation Prep (otherwise known as a reason to buy random stuff)

  1. Deja

    Andrea, I bought a Kindle a couple months ago and it is the best investment I’ve made in a LONG time. I’ve read so much and the text to speech is awesome! I really love the percentage it tells you where you are in the book and the best part is the E-Ink, fantastic. I’m so happy you jumped on this bandwagon, we can be Kindle snobs, lol.

    I really hope you have a wonderful time in Italy, do tell your stories when you get back because I’m hoping to get to Italy next year! As you know I was supposed to go to Japan this week but had to cancel since I was supposed to stay in the area that was hit. It pains me greatly, but I’m wondering where I should go instead? :)

    1. Andrea (Modern Rags)

      I am so on that Kindle bandwagon…I love it, too! I’ll definitely be a Kindle snob with you (I think I already am…I find myself looking down on the other e-readers I see on the metro, thinking: how on earth do they put up with that glare? or mustn’t that back-lit screen tire their eyes?). I haven’t tried the text to speech yet. I’ll have to give it a go.

      Thanks for the good travel wishes…I’ll definitely share some of my adventures! (and I can always give you my low down on what you’ve GOT to see vs. what you can skip, at least where northern Italy is concerned)

      I’m really sorry about your trip…do you still want to head to Asia, or are you open to any suggestions?

  2. Tania Lalonde

    Oh my – Now I totally want that Milloo purse… but Scott has been noticing my purses collection growing these days. Ok, so I probably have 4 now… Can I justify purchasing it? … I hope…

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