Re-Styled Bib-Front Tee

Some time ago (almost exactly a year ago), I came across a quickie tutorial on Made By Lex on how to make a nautical bib front top. I thought it had potential, so I tucked it away in my “tutorials” bookmark folder, and then promptly forgot about it. Until now:

Re-Styled Bib-Front Tee

I started out with an old long-sleeved blue shirt from Smart Set that I’d stopped wearing long ago (mostly, I think, because I was just sick and tired of it), and a brand new white t-shirt from Joe Fresh….the latter had been purchased for my boy, but was a little too tight. Seeing as it was so cheap, I couldn’t be bothered to return it. And, of course, some miscellaneous buttons I had hanging around.

T-Shirt Restyle Materials

T-Shirts Before

Roughly following the tutorial, as well as making things up as I went, I cut off the blue shirts’ sleeves, as well as made the neck a little larger. Using paper, I created a pattern for my bib, and experimented by pinning it on the t-shirt to ensure I liked the size and placement of it. Once satisfied, I pinned the pattern to the white t-shirt, cut it out, and then pinned it into place on the blue tee, and sewed it into place using my sewing machine.

Re-Styled Bib-Front Tee

To add a little decoration, I cut a few 3/4″ strips of white t-shirt to create a ruffle around the outer-edge of the bib, and added three buttons.

Bib Detail

And finally, I finished off the sleeves using a strip of blue material (cut from the original long sleeves) folded in half, and sewn onto the raw edge.

Sleeve Detail

I think it turned out quite nicely! It’s the first time I’ve used my sewing machine in a LONG time (well, for something other than a simple hem). Unfortunately, I doomed myself by telling my boy the front piece was a “bib”…all he can talk about is eating lobster when he sees it.



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  1. Deja

    Ah! This is great! I absolutely love this and it’s too cute, *rolls eyes at your boyfriend* lol. I use to sew a lot and every once and awhile restructure or repair things too. I start a full fledged private, sewing course next week with a Russian seamtress who owns a boutique, I’m so nervous and excited. I’m not new to sewing, I’ve been doing it for 13 years, but I’m SO rusty, so I’m sure I still have a lot to learn/relearn. This shirt makes me happy! =)

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