Decor Dreams: Kitchen

In the grand scheme of things, I think my future kitchen worries me most. I have a very large desire to create a kitchen I love love love, in the hopes that it’ll inspire me to want to spend time in it, and even want to cook in it! (cooking isn’t exactly tops on my list of “good times”).

The kitchen also happens to be the room for which I have the least to work with. I have a table (a beautiful, lovely table). But that’s pretty much it…everything else I need to find, buy and/or do. Here’s where my thinking is headed:

  1. I want a happy, sunny kitchen…I think Benjamen Moore’s Little Dipper will give me just that, without being too harsh or bright.
  2. A little bit of inspirational artwork from Vol25…I’d like to include one of her home-themed prints somewhere…and where better than the heart of the house?
  3. In all of my imaginings, I never imagined a weird burgundy-pinkish countertop…so the one that’s currently installed is going to have to go. That being said, I don’t want to get too extravagant and blow my decorating budget on a granite countertop…I think this Butterum Granite laminate countertop looks quite nice. What’s more, its colouring is complementary to oak, which is what our cabinets are (and which will be staying as is…there are far too many of them to replace/alter).
  4. These are just some oak cabinets I threw in to serve as a colour guide, because as mentioned above, there are lots of ’em in my future kitchen.
  5. I can’t recall what’s there now, but I figure I may very likely want to switch out boring cabinet knobs/handles with nicer ones. This is something I’ll probably really want to hunt around for, but something along the lines of this one from Anthropologie would suit me just fine.
  6. Chairs…..currently I’m using old nuns’ chairs from a closed convent. As much as I love them, and love their history, the fact of the matter is: they’re not very comfortable, nor are they suited for a dining room table (they’re just too low). My idea is to have a mishmash of chairs: I really like the idea of contrasting the old barn wood in my harvest table with modern chairs, like a ghost or fiberglass shell chair…and I don’t want to have any more than 2 of any particular type of chair (I’ll need 6 total).
  7. This is a swatch of my table….I love the colour, and all of its fantastic imperfections. It’s made from 100 year old barn wood.
  8. Dishes…I desperately need a set of at least 8 place settings that (and this is key) actually match. I need both everyday dishes, as well as “good” dishes…If I ever get married, “Chirp” dinnerware by Lenox will definitely be going on my registry to serve as the “good” ones (I’ve been coveting them for years…what I don’t covet is their price tag!).
  9. As you can see from my dinnerware choice, I’m thinking turquoise would be a great accent to butter yellow walls (truthfully, I think turquoise is a great accent to just about everything!). I’d love to have a Le Creuset Dutch oven in Caribbean blue.
  10. My biggest worries in the kitchen are the counter and backsplash…they’re items I’ve never had to shop for before, so leave me a little outside of my element. Do I even know how to pick them? Can I avoid making them too matchy-matchy? Can I install them myself? Can I even afford them?

    I dunno.

    What do you think? What would you do differently? Any and all comments welcome!


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