Type Tuesdays: Type Camp

Ever since my boy went to guitar camp in Alaska two years ago (he’s headed back this fall), I’ve been looking for my own theme getaway. I’ve considered bead or craft cruises, sewing courses, and even cooking classes, but I’ve never been able to really convince myself that I’m interested enough to commit to an actual theme vacation.

Just when I was ready to give up the idea for good, I came across Type Camp. Type Camp? Hello, I think I might be in love…Type is definitely something I could commit to.

While I might like to participate in camps in Rome, Weimar (Germany) or India, I’m particularly drawn to California where discussions, lessons, and workshops are led by world-renowned instructors who “…help you to become a better typographer and a better designer. By day, we’ll have typography workshops and by evening, we’ll stroll through the rolling hills of California wine-country…”

[ This years’ California Type Camp will be held at Dancing Deer Farm, pictured above ]

Ummm…A beautiful location, type and wine? Sign me up!

Unfortunately, this year’s California camp is just a little too soon to arrange, especially considering my upcoming move…it’s a shame, but at least now I know about it…and as cartoons from my childhood stated: knowing is half the battle.


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