Friday I’m in Love: Bicycles

I haven’t had a bike for a really long time…and truthfully, for most of my adulthood I haven’t really wanted one. I just couldn’t see myself riding it in downtown Montreal, battling for my right not to get run over (and possibly slamming into parked cars as I attempt to do so).

But now that I’m moving to a slightly less busy area of the city, I find myself dreaming of a bicycle….not a mountain bike or racer, mind you. I want a city bike, that doesn’t necessarily have speed, but that’ll allow me to ride upright, and take in my surroundings.

Oh, and in my dreams, my bike is pretty (and maybe has a basket and some tassels on the handlebars). Here are a couple I’ve got my eye on:

The Public J7 in bright orange

The Holymoly lady’s solo by CreamCycle (love that name!)

Globe’s Daily 3 step thru bike in blue-grey

Linus Bikes’ Dutchie 3 in cream

Abici’s classic Italian Granturismo city bike – in special edition Kate Spade green!


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