My clumsy climbing baby

When Boo first started pulling himself up onto his knees and then to his feet, he was bad at it. He fell. He fell whole lot, and I just wasn’t able to catch him all of the time (ok, most of the time – I’m not a helicopter parent shadowing his every move). But, with practice he got a whole lot better and I sort of got used to not hearing that awful thunk, followed by a very loud wail.

Until my little guy decided he wanted to start climbing. Turns out he’s pretty good at it.

Boo climbing his Snug Seat

Boo climbing his bouncer

What he isn’t so good at, though, is getting down. His general strategy appears to be:

1) climb something
2) bounce on it, if possible
3) wiggle until turned completely around
4) lunge face first to the ground
5) hit ground (thunk)
6) cry very loudly

It’s made for an interesting couple of days. Boo has accumulated multiple bruises on his forehead, and I’ve accumulated a whole pile of guilt for every time I haven’t been able to save him (which I do manage on occasion).

Oh baby :(

(I had considered including a photo of the red spot/bruise resulting from his first big fall (which I took to show Boo’s daddy)….until I realized it might not be a good idea to photographically immortalize my total mummy fail on the Internet forever.)


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