Lately No. 5

As mentioned in my last post Boo and I have been getting out a lot these days. We rode the metro together for the first time. We went to a crazy sale downtown. We went for a walk down to the canal, through neighbourhood alleyways and the park. We both got library cards.

The husband and I dragged Boo on another round of cottage visits. Though nothing we looked at was quite right, we picked the perfect day for the drive. The weather was just beautiful, and for most of the drive the leaves were spectacular! So many yellows and intense reds. Just wonderful. That alone made the trek worth it.

On the metro with Boo

I took Boo on his first ever Metro ride downtown…he was alert on the way…asleep on the way home. Downtown is tiring.

Our 50% off book haul

We went to the closing sale at Chapters downtown. In addition to one (unpictured) book for Mama, we came home with the above haul of children’s books – all for 50% off!

Boo in vintage overalls

Boo’s love affair with Daddy’s guitars appears to be waning…but is not dead. Here he’s wearing a pair of vintage 1970s overalls originally worn by his uncle.

Coeur de Lou moccasins

I left Boo Boo with Daddy one Sunday afternoon and went to the Puces Pop craft show to pick up a pair of Coeur de Lou moccasins for the little guy. Thought he needed some shoes for around the house.

Boo climbing onto nursing chair

Caught in the act!!

Canal in September

A beautiful fall day at the canal.

Viande - Ouvert 7 jours

I always get a kick out of this old Viande (that’s French for Meat) sign over a local dépanneur (or convenience store).


A ruelle, or alleyway, in my neighbourhood.

Fall pop of red

On our last adventure to look at cottage properties, we hit the peak of fall foliage….only not in this particular picture. I did like the burst of red amidst all of the green, though, at this one spot where we weren’t in the car.

In other news little Boo finally (FINALLY!) cut his first tooth. I was probably a little too excited, but I’ve been waiting to see that little flash of white for a very long time. He’s already got a second one coming in, so I get the feeling he’s going to make up for lost time. They’re still both pretty tiny, though, so haven’t made much of an impact on his smile yet. Can’t wait to see what he looks like with actual teeth.

Boo crawling and drooling

Since he started teething, every few days Boo starts drooling up a storm.

In other other news my little man turned one this week! I probably went a little overboard for his celebrations, since he really had no idea he was turning one…but I considered it practice for the coming years. I’ll be sharing more on his birthday soon.


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