I hate snap-up pyjamas

So when your baby is all new and tiny and – most importantly – unable to move, snap-up footies are so so cute. They come in adorable designs and colours, and there’s just something about seeing your little one enveloped in tiny patterned feet that’s irresistible.

Not to mention how convenient they are. There’s no need to fiddle with shirts, pants and socks…it’s an all-in-one solution for those early days. And, of course, diaper changes are a cinch as you can just unsnap the bottom, clean up the mess, then throw the little tykes’ legs back in and VOILA! Dressed again.

Boo playing on the floor


So if snap-up jammies are so great…why do I suddenly hate them so much? Like, with a burning fiery passion.

Well, things changed pretty drastically over the summer….at the start Boo was just beginning to crawl. He was mobile…but still a little tentative and slow. And with the heat, I put the footies away, and dressed my little man in onesies (if we were heading out!), or else just a t-shirt and a diaper. Maybe some shorts. For bed he wore a onesie and a lightweight sleepsack.

But all that time, he was becoming more and more mobile. Faster at crawling, faster at flipping over, faster at sitting up, faster at pulling himself up, faster at grabbing,….faster at everything, really.

Then the weather went and started to get chillier, necessitating a reassessment of Boo’s sleepwear. Not knowing any better, I went and picked up a few footie pyjamas at Costco. A decision I now thoroughly regret….because trying to snap up what feels like 100 snaps on a very mobile, very fidgety baby? Not fun. I basically have to chase him around, drag him back and flip him over repeatedly just to fasten his pj’s. It takes forever, and Boo is pretty vocal about his displeasure at the whole process….you’d think I was torturing the poor kid.

It’s far from a relaxing bedtime routine, you know?

So now I hate snap-up pyjamas, and will never buy Boo another pair. Once he grows out of these ones, I’ll be buying two-piece pyjama sets. Sure, I’ll have to chase him around to put those on too, but it’ll be the same basic routine we already go through for tops and pants which he doesn’t mind so much (which is to say…he tolerate it).


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