You’re sick Mama? Too bad.

I’ve been comparatively lucky over the past year, steering clear as much as possible from other people’s illnesses to keep Boo and I healthy.

And it’s worked so far….for Boo at least.

Last week I caught a cold for the first time in about a year and a half. I was floored. I couldn’t believe I was sick. I couldn’t believe I was sick and I still had to do everything I’d had to do before I was sick. Because obviously a 13-month old really doesn’t care how you’re feeling.

Boo in the kitchen drawer

“Look Mama! I pulled everything out of the drawer for you to put away again!”

So I had to get up throughout the night to soothe and comfort my little man who hasn’t been sleeping well. I had to wake up in the morning, nurse, change diapers, feed Boo, do laundry, clean up, give baths, brush teeth, and get the little guy to bed….all as if I was feeling perfectly normal….with the addition of gargling and washing my hands almost obsessively, trying to keep Boo from touching my face, desperately trying not to cough or sneeze in his vicinity, and generally attempting not to sniff or clear my throat in a way that might wake him up once I’d gotten him to sleep.

It sucked.

I mean, it really really sucked.

And I should have been prepared for it. Throughout that year and a half of not getting any colds, I did have a bout of kidney stones. From what you hear about them, I don’t think I had it all that bad….a few mornings of terrible, can’t stand up straight, cramping and one full day of complete and utter pain spent in the hospital as they tried to identify what was wrong. That day was the worst of it, and I spent it outside of the home in one of the least comfortable environments imaginable – an ER waiting room – with a 5 month old exclusively breast-fed baby….

Thank God hubby was there to help out, and later my father-in-law arrived like a God-send to bring some food and lend a hand. But even then….only I could feed Boo. And sometimes only Mama’s arms could soothe him…no matter how much soothing Mama needed for herself.

So I’m not sure why I was so surprised by how much the past week has so completely sucked.

I think it might be because it was my first time being “regular” sick. Something that is going to happen every so often, no matter how hard I try to stay healthy. And notwithstanding my every instinct to just drop everything and take care of myself….I absolutely could not do so.

Because there was a little man depending on his Mama.


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