I Photoshop my baby

I’ll be the first to admit it….Boo isn’t always, shall we say….photo ready? Before he was eating solids he always seemed to have crap on his face. Dry skin. Eye gunk. Milk (I had a pretty heavy let-down for awhile there).

Now I’m regularly discovering food on his face from his last meal that somehow escaped the facecloth. He has this annoying habit of jabbing himself in the face with his fingernails, causing little cuts and scabs. And since he’s taken to sticking his fingers up his nose during meals…well, he’s often got food up there (among the odd bat in the cave).

And as cute as all of this “real life” can be….sometimes I just want a nice picture of my little boy so that I can print it up, make a photo book, or a calendar. You know, without the dry skin, or eye gunk, or pasta sauce.

So I photoshop him.

I Photoshop my Baby

I don’t go completely crazy, but I get rid of all the crap on his face. I sharpen up the photo. I lighten it. I tweak the contrast. I warm it up or cool it down. I adjust the colouring if Boo is looking too red or too jaundiced…or maybe I make those big blue eyes pop a little more.

Do I photoshop all of my photos? If they’re being printed or used on my blog…absolutely. I always do a minimum adjustment to better the brightness or contrast of all my “published” photos. Do I correct all of my photos? No. I tend to be rather selective in that respect (I’ll leave the food on his face, but will absolutely photoshop out the snot…it’s just gross). And it always depends on what the photo is destined for.

No matter what I do, though, I always always always keep a copy of the original so that, one day in the distant future, I don’t look back exclusively upon those Photoshopped versions and forget what a mess my kid was!


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