I love Sesame Street (5)

Boo has been having a few really terrible nights. So awful that I’m sometimes spending 4 or 5 hours in his room with him, trying to soothe and comfort him and get him the f**k back to sleep (yeah, yeah….it sounds harsh, but after 4 hours of trying to get someone to go to sleep so YOU can go to sleep? you’ll stop sugar coating too).

Anyway. As far as I can tell, he’s working on some premolars or molars, or something big. It’s a (very small) consolation.

On those days when I’m just so so tired, and completely out of steam by say…..4pm, I’ve been relying on my good ol’ friends on Sesame Street to make it through ’til dinnertime. Sometimes we’ll watch full episodes on Netflix, but more often than not we watch shorter clips on YouTube so I can better tailor them to Boo’s interests (my boy likes songs the most).

Found the following Pentatonix Counts (and Sings) to Five clip recently, and loved it:

Since then, I’ve perused more of Pentatonix’ offerings on Google Play….only to discover that while I’m amazed at the sounds they can make with their voices (love the guy with the low low voice), I’m kind of meh about their actual songs. Is it weird that I was hoping for more a Sesame Street-ish sound?


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