Why Boo Boo grabs at glasses

Boo recently started reaching for and grabbing at my glasses….it’s not my favourite thing. Because obviously, I need them to see. I’m pretty blind without them, and so if he were to (god forbid) break them, I’d be screwed.

(Well, not completely screwed. I do have another pair but they’re my “good” pair that very easily come off my face….so very “bad” for a grabby toddler.)

One day, however, in a moment of both frustration and curiosity…I let him have them just to see what he would do. I assumed he would throw them on the floor (we were already on the floor, so I figured they wouldn’t have far to go). But instead, he did this:

Boo happily looks at Mama's glasses

Boo goes to put on Mama's glasses

Boo gets Mama's glasses on his head

Boo wears Mama's glasses

Of course he did.

His entire life he’s seen his Mama with glasses on her face. All. The. Time. He sees his Daddy wearing glasses to read books and to look at his tablet…pretty darn often. Of course he wants to wear them.


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