Lately No. 10

If we’re friends on FaceBook then you know my little man has his first case of the sniffles. I hate it. But deep deep down I knew it had to happen eventually. We’re lucky it took 16 months for it to happen. We’re also lucky that he’s old enough to be curious, rather than apprehensive, about new things. Before bed on the first night of his cold, I figured I’d give the little guy some relief and snot sucker him. I prepared for the worst and got the husband to pin Boo down. Turns out, I didn’t really have to. He was fascinated by it, and once we were done, tried to stick it back up his nose and put the mouthpiece back into my mouth.

Too cute.

Since then, he’s been a willing snot suckeree, who just stands patiently and juts out his nose ever-so-slightly until I’ve completed the operation.

Before Boo got sick, we’d been busy working on animal sounds – since recording the following, he’s added a kind-of chicken and an almost sheep sound to his repertoire:

Two Fridays ago we visited Parc du Soleil – an indoor playground that’s literally a stone’s throw from home, but which I’d always assumed was a daycare. Nope. It’s covered in foam floor pads and for the very littles has hard foam structures to climb, not-too-high slides, not-too-deep ball rooms and foam and plastic blocks to stack. It was an ok sort of thing to do once in a blue moon, but definitely not somewhere I want to go too often. At least not while Boo is still too little for the “big kids” area:

Parc du Soleil 1

Parc du Soleil 2

Boo climbing at Parc du Soleil

What got the most laughs out of Boo was not the toys or activities – it was another much older boy who kept freaking out every time my little man toppled his foam block towers. I tried to mediate, but the kid was way too hyper, and frankly way annoying when he got into Boo’s face and shouted “Nooooooo”. That, of course, wasn’t the slightest bit annoying to Boo – he thought it was hilarious, which further upset the boy. Without any adult to reign in their overly large and excited son, I decided to remove Boo from the situation altogether.

Boo smiling at Parc du Soleil

Boo climbing through a tunnel at Parc du Soleil

I think what kind of bugged me about this place was that the lighting was so artificial (which explains the terrible terrible pictures). It felt kinda stale inside…and even though I washed his face and hands after our visit, it’s also probably where Boo picked up whatever germs gave him his cold.

In other play-related news, Boo has been getting more and more “precise” with his play. He isn’t just banging things around anymore (well, at least not exclusively, anyway), he’s showing some consideration, sorting, and thinking about what he’s doing. He loves his vintage Little People farm and knows where all of the animals go…he’s also embraced Mama’s idea for the farm to adopt his fireman Grover figure which is the same basic size as the little people. Poor Grover’s role has been to lie in bed, and get flipped out the window.

Boo playing in the living room

He’s also been working on curling and folding his tongue in ways I just can’t fathom doing. I understand these things are genetic and clearly come from his daddy’s side of the family:

Boo playing with his tongue

And he’s just overall being cute:

Boo smiling on the floor

Finally, on a non-Boo-related note, I’ve been experimenting with soup. Found a recipe for Won Ton soup at YummyMummyClub that I thought I’d give a try….it was quite good (I used dumplings, however, as suggested in the recipe if you can’t find Won Tons at your grocery store). Though to be completely honest, I think I preferred my totally experimental sort-of Tom Yum soup I created out of all my leftover ingredients.

Won Ton Soup

Not much else going on. Of course I got Boo’s cold, and so I’ve been trying to take it as easy as humanly possible whilst having a you’d-never-know-he-was-sick toddler running amuck. It’s amazing how resilient those little buggers are!


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