Finger Painting!

With all this cold weather it’s been tough keeping Boo occupied and entertained all day in the house. When I’m home alone with him I’ll often get him to “help” me with chores in between play breaks…he “helps” me clean closets, the bathroom cupboards, and vacuum (he’s seriously cute as he attempts to manipulate the vacuum cleaner). I try as much as possible to turn it into a game until, of course, he starts throwing things into the toilet.


When I’m working, however, Boo spends his time with the nanny. She is, of course, all about Boo. There are no household chores, or grocery shopping trips to take him on…it’s all Boo all the time. So when they can’t go outside, it can get pretty repetitive pretty fast. I mean, there’s only so many times they can read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or quack like a duck together (though, to hear Boo go on and on quacking, I think he’d be pretty pleased to quack all day long…that, and eat yogurt). So to keep him occupied on these cold cold days, I’ve been busting out the craft supplies for the two of them to enjoy.

Most recently….it’s been finger paints:

Crayola Washable Finger Paints

I’d been debating making edible finger paint, or just buying some….considering my lack of time, and my little guy’s tendency to put nothing in his mouth, I figured we were safe with just buying it…especially when I found this four-pack on sale at Toys R Us for under $3.

Of course he went and wiped his face with the back of his paint-covered hands….I think he looks particularly mischievous here (we’d already wiped the worst of the paint off)!

Boo looking mischievous

Apart from the odd face wipe, and dropping paint-covered items on the floor, Boo took the whole endeavour pretty seriously. He concentrated very hard on manipulating the paint with his fingers, as well as with a number of different brushes and foam brushes.

Boo painting with his fingers

Boo examining a paint brush

Which isn’t to say he didn’t get excited whenever a new blob of paint was put before him…

Boo gets excited about painting

Boo smiling with paint on his face

In the end, we had about five pieces of original Boo art….two of them stood out and have been taped to the cupboard door. I liked how bright this one is, and how you can really see how he manipulated the red paint with his fingers:

Boo's Red Period

And this is my favourite:

Boo's bird in a nest

That night while giving Boo his dinner, I kept looking at it (it was on the kitchen table drying)….and I realized there was a very distinct bird in a nest:

Close-up of Boo's bird in a nest

Sure, it’s kinda like finding shapes in the clouds…but this is one hell of a bird, if I do say so myself!


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