First Haircut!

Boo was born with a significant head of hair. He never lost any of it, so it just grew and grew. Though I tried to trim it a little from time to time…mostly his bangs, and sometimes at the nape of his neck…I kinda liked his hair long, and generally just let it be.

I thought his long hair was cute. A sort of messy surfer look that I loved running my fingers through when we cuddled.

Boo with his long hair

Boo playing with his hair

But ultimately it was constantly in his eyes (I sucked so bad at trimming his bangs that I’d wait far too long between attempts)…and it was starting to look pretty scraggly and dishevelled. So I made the decision to get it cut. Eeep!

On a recent visit to my parents’ my mom and I took Boo to Illusions Hair Design in the Kemptville Mall, where my mom’s hairdresser (Monique) gave Boo his very first cut:

Boo getting his hair brushed

Boo all prepped to get his hair cut

He was an absolute fidget, but a comb and my iPad (with the Peekaboo Sesame Street app) helped to distract him just enough so that he was manageable. His hairdresser only went “Oops” once when he moved abruptly just as the scissors went SNIP!

Boo behaving while having his hair cut

Mama and Boo looking at the hairdresser

The best – and most surprising – part? Apparently at Illusions, a baby’s (or toddler’s) very first haircut is free! When she told me there was no charge I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds while I processed the information. FREE! Plus, she took a small lock of Boo’s hair and put it in a little pouch for me, along with a cute little poem:

I got my first haircut,
as you can plainly see.
Mom says I look wonderful,
and that she is so proud of me.
I sat so tall and proud,
in that hairdresser’s chair.
And they even gave to Mom,
a small lock of my hair.
She says that she will keep it,
to remind her of this day.
Another milestone I’ve crossed,
in my life along the way.

Back at Nana and Gramps' house with his new haircut

I sure was proud of my little man!


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