Lately No. 11

Last week I told you all about Boo’s first hair cut – but I skipped the part about me getting my hair cut too (my hair was looking as scraggly and dishevelled as Boo):

Mama's new hair

And about Boo’s recent obsession with the vacuum wand – with or without the hose attached and the vacuum sometimes actually turned on – hey…if he’s going to “pretend” to vacuum my kitchen, be might as well “actually” vacuum it:



And his constant requests to wear winter gear – hats, scarves, mittens, his soft-soled boots – inside the house:

Boo wearing a hat and scarf

We also spent some time in Kemptville with my folks. It was our longest visit since I started working part-time back in October. I got to really catch up with my parents, which was so so nice. Boo got to practice going up/down stairs on their new, ultra plush, carpeting (at home we’re in a bungalow, so not much opportunity to work on stair climbing, other than to the very child unfriendly basement). My mom put my sleep training to the test to see if someone other than myself could get the little man to sleep. (Success! he wasn’t particularly happy about it, but she got him to sleep THREE times!)

Boo practicing climbing the stairs

Boo snuggling with Nana

We built Legos.

Lego House

We went to Home Depot to buy a few supplies for a project I “assigned” my Dad – which I’ll show in a future post. While we were there, though, Boo kind of freaked out (is it wrong that I find pictures of my son crying so cute?).

Boo crying in Home Depot

We also entertained visitors!

One evening my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family came over for dinner. Of course Boo was ultra crabby when they arrived and didn’t want to let go of Mama. His cousin O was especially shy and didn’t want to let go of his Nanny (my aunt)….so their early arrival for “play time” didn’t really pan out until, of course, after supper when it was time to leave and THEN they got all happy and friendly:

Boo playing with his cousin O

Boo sprawling out over the Legos

Boo and O looking at each other through the gate

The next day we had my old school friend Ashley and her son J over for a quick catch-up and short play date. Again, Boo was crabby (in his defence, he did have a molar coming through). J, however, was all smiles, and such a cutie! He explored the house and Boo’s toys, he ate the Sesame Street crackers that Boo refuses to put in his mouth (this kid eats like a champ…sigh…Boo could learn a thing or two or three from him), and eventually won Boo over. Phew! This kid really is Mister Adorable.

Ashley and J in my parents' living room

Boo and J play with a toy together

All in all, it was a great visit!


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