My favourite pregnancy side effect

With Boo I mostly had the typical, and well-known, pregnancy side effects. Odd cravings. Heartburn. Aching back and hips. Constipation. Sleepless nights. The usual.

My pregnant belly

This time around, though, I’ve got itchy armpits.

Yep. My underarms are constantly itchy. So itchy that it’s completely distracting and driving me a little crazy. There’s nothing I’d like to do more than just scratch them. All. Day. Long. It can get so bad, it feels like they’re burning, and I sometimes think I could scratch myself raw. It’s awful.

(Is this too much information? Feel free to stop reading right here if it is. But I gotta keep going…I can’t help but feel some other itchy-underarmed pregnant woman might find comfort knowing she’s not alone in the itchy armpits department.)

So rather than just bitch and moan about it – which I did at my last doctor’s appointment, to which I received the (not) helpful response: “There are lots of strange skin sensitivities during pregnancy. Don’t worry about it!” – I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands…especially as I’ve since developed a rash. I’m trying to eliminate additional causes of irritation.

So what additional causes of irritation did I eliminate?

Shaving. Running a razor blade against my sensitive underarm skin can’t be great. So I haven’t shaved since we got back from Florida. Seven days into that experiment, and I was still as itchy as ever….so I took the next step.

Anti-perspirant. About a week ago I decided my deodorant could be an irritant. I stopped putting that on too. To combat the “no deodorant” experiment, I’ve upped my shower frequency (obviously, I’ve been showering regularly…but with a toddler to run after all day, they’ve generally been opportunistically taken at night, once he’s in bed, and I’m not busy doing something else…now I’m making a point to absolutely take a shower, rather than only opportunistically take one).

I’m also applying anti-itch cream.

This combination of no shaving, no deodorant, and anti-itch cream seems to be helping. The itch is mostly gone. In fact, sometimes I’m not itchy at all. The rash is still there, but it isn’t as angry looking. So we’ve got progress. I’m even starting to consider re-introducing shaving and deodorant (it is summer after all). We’ll see.

And now that I’m not so distracted by my underarms? (Okay…so admittedly, I’m now somewhat distracted by the thought I might smell…I keep checking on that. So far, so good. But see above…I’m getting ready to cave.) I can get back to focusing on my heartburn, sore back and hips, and on stuffing my face with whatever it is I’m craving.

Ron Swanson s Breakfast. Ron Swanson gets the munchies_70b0b8_3295412

(I could eat bacon and eggs everyday, for every meal.)


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