What I want to remember: Baby kicks

Pregnancy is a weird experience. There are so many wonderful and amazing things happening to your body….while so many awful and uncomfortable things are happening at the same time (like, say…itchy armpits). It’s an experience which, upon its occurring a second time is familiar, but still new. You know what they say…every pregnancy is different.

My pregnant belly

But what isn’t different is the intimacy you feel with your baby as you feel it move inside you. The gentle nudges. The little ripples. The sudden kicks. The increasing and almost painful pressure points when the baby insistently pushes in just one spot. The all out rumbles, as your little one is almost certainly doing a jig and making your belly dance.

To me, this is the best part of pregnancy. Sure it’s wonderful knowing I’m sheltering and nurturing and growing a child….but it’s the physicality of FEELING that child inside me that I love. That’s the feeling I want to remember, and that I wish I could somehow record and preserve. Because although I’d generally remembered how wonderful it was to feel a baby kicking inside of me, and I immediately recognized that first kick with baby #2, I’d mostly forgotten the actual sensation of it.

And once this baby is born I’ll forget it again.

So as I enter the final stretch (only one month to go!) I find myself trying to remember to pay attention to those kicks. To not get annoyed when baby pushes with all her might in that same exact spot, over and over again. To stop what I’m doing to enjoy the nudges, and the jigs.

Because this is very likely the last time I’ll feel them.


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