Kind of Lately: Backyard water fun!

So the new baby is here.

Wow….one day we were a family of three and suddenly we’re (officially) four. You know it’s coming (I mean, I was pregnant after all), but it still kinda blows your mind when it happens.

So rather than think about having my mind blown (I’m still in that sleep-deprived, my newborn is operating on a reverse schedule, kind of state), I’d like to share some photos from a few weeks ago that have been sitting, edited, in a folder on my desktop.

Just a few days before I officially stopped working part-time and while we still had child care for Boo, it got hot. Really hot. The kind of hot that had my very pregnant self mostly staying inside, taking full advantage of the air conditioning. Boo and his nanny, on the other hand, weren’t at all avoiding an opportunity for some fun in the sun (and water).

Boo and Lesley with the hose

Boo being hosed down

With Boo’s birthday being in the Fall, my parents decided awhile back that they’d give him early birthday presents that could be enjoyed throughout the Summer. For his (upcoming) second birthday they gave him a sandbox….which we’ve been using as a mini-wading pool, since he hasn’t completely gotten into playing in the sand yet.

Boo reaching for the hose

Boo drinking from the hose

Boo just loves the water – no matter its source…so a wading pool + garden hose = instant hit!

Boo trying to drink from hose by himself

Boo enjoying the water

Look at that face!

Of course he only likes the water on his terms. He’ll jump in puddles, spray himself in the face with a hose, and be all around fascinated with getting wet. Until it’s bath time. Then he’s suddenly completely averse to even sitting in the tub, and can’t stand to get even a little water in his face. Go figure.


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