Lately, No. 13

During the two weeks preceding the new baby’s arrival, I stopped working altogether, we said a sad farewell to the nanny, and I did my best to waddle after and entertain my very active toddler. I tried to get him outside as much as possible, usually in the mornings before it got too hot. We paid LOTS of visits to the local park. Daddy tagged along on weekends.

Boo sliding by himself

Boo climbing the ladder to his favourite slide

Boo on the jungle gym bridge

Boo and Daddy climbing the slide

When it was too hot, humid or rainy to go outside, we did our best to entertain ourselves inside. We practiced sorting and stacking…

Boo playing at his table

We played with Play-Doh (I was quite proud of my Play-Doh elephant…Boo wasn’t so impressed)…

Mama's Play-Doh Elephant

We danced to Sesame Street songs…

Boo dancing with Mummy

And, I’ll be completely honest, we watched some TV…

Boo laughing at the TV

We also worked on getting the little man to eat table food (still not going so well…placing an item in his mouth, and then promptly spitting it out is about as far as we’ve gotten)…

Boo almost eating a cheesy

And on feeding himself with a spoon (also not going so well…note the lack of yogourt on his face)…

Boo playing with his yogourt

Two days before I popped, we roped Auntie Jenny into visiting the splash pad with us…

Boo and Auntie Jenny at Aquaciel

…Where, of course, the slides still proved the most popular attraction.

Boo on the slide while Mama watches

Boo on the slides at Aquaciel

Though it could be exhausting at times (some days all I wanted was to put my feet up and eat watermelon and cookies), we had great fun spending some quality time together before the arrival of the new baby.


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