Somewhat Lately No. 14 – Wandering around the neighbourhood

I am very much a home body. I love being at home amidst my stuff. I love working on my various projects when I can – which is almost never these days. Even so, if I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there, I’m happy. In fact I am perfectly content to spend my day nursing Hiccup, rocking her, watching a little TV (while nursing or rocking her), and making a little (even a very little) progress on some creative endeavour while she naps (which truth be told isn’t very often).

Unfortunately this means I can easily forget to leave the house…sometimes for days at a time.

So I’ve been making an effort to get out more often. Specifically, I’ve been trying to walk. Whether it’s wandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood, or with a very specific purpose – say, going to the post office – I’ve been trying to get around on foot, rather than defaulting to the car, or not going out at all.

I’ve been moderately successful.

Following are a few photos I snapped before the weather turned cold – mostly taken on days without any specific purpose, as I wandered around the neighbourhood alleyways. When wandering with the hubby, he pushes Boo on his trike and I wear Hiccup in a wrap – I’m a fan of the Baby K’Tan, which is kinda like a cheater wrap…no actual wrapping is involved, which is perfect for uncoordinated people like me:

Hubby and Boo on his trike

Bringing up the rear

Baby wearing

When I’m on my own I take the stroller. My folks got us the Mountain Buggy Duet (which I LOVE) so that I can bring both kiddos on such excursions. If I’ve only got one little with me, I remove a seat and insert the optional tote bag (perfect for running errands).

Mountain Buggy Duet

I love walking through the back alleys – or ruelles – in the neighbourhood. Besides the general lack of people and vehicle traffic, there are so many fantastic gardens and flowers to look at:



Yellow bloom

Morning glories

….though sometimes there are just fences and barking dogs:

Beware of dog

….or old brick walls (I think this one looks very Diagon Alley-ish):

Brick wall

I also love looking at all the graffiti and signage:

Overgrown graffiti

Corrugated steel with graffiti

Penguin graffiti

School yard

I haven’t been taking too many pictures on my latest outings. I think maybe because I’ve been going on more task-specific walks (to the mall, to Walmart, to the Dollar Store) rather than meandering ones, I don’t think to pull out my phone and snap any pictures. Which is too bad. I want to make a better effort photographing the every day.


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