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Blog Stalking

As a new(ish) mom I’ve had lots of opportunities to read. And by read, I mean that I have lots of small snippets of time to read articles posted to Facebook, and short blog posts.

To be completely honest, there’s very little time for actual books, and admittedly I don’t have enough concentration to follow plot lines if I’m only able to read a page or two at a time. Old me – who used to read about a book a week – would be very very disappointed in mummy me. But to hell with old me. She had so much time on her hands, she barely knew what to do with it. Who needs classic literature anyway? And honestly…do I really need to read Pride & Prejudice again? I’ll leave my umpteenth reading for when the baby’s in university.

So, while I’m nursing Boo, half-watching Boo play with his many many toys, helping Boo fall asleep, taking a little “me time” on my throne (yes….that’s prime time for scrolling through my RSS reader), or shortly before I fall into bed, I “read”.

Boo playing in a crate

Here are a few of the blogs I’m currently stalking:

A Cup of Jo
Joanna Goddard blogs about her life in NYC, style, makeup, relationships, recipes, motherhood, and more. She’s got two cuties, one of whom had a birthday photo submitted to Reasons My Son Is Crying (they sang the happy birthday song to him). Last year she started an amazing series of posts about motherhood in other countries. So so good. Hers is also the only blog that has ever made me all out cry. I’m talking blubbering with tears streaming down my face at about 3am while nursing the little one. Oof.

Elycia is a fellow Canadian who used to blog a lot about her hair, her clothes, her cats, her thrifty finds, etc. Then she had a baby and now she mostly blogs about him, family, and her 365 project (going on her 2nd year….totally impressive). I enjoy being a bit of a voyeur into her little man’s life (and his wardrobe…he wears everything I wish I could buy/find for Boo)….plus I like her “blog voice”.

enJOY it by Elise Blaha Cripe
Elise makes things like it’s her job (note: it is her job)….and she’s kind of my blogger crush. She crafts in multiple mediums, sells her work online, blogs about it, blogs about being a small business owner, podcasts about it all, and on top of it still blogs about her life and her beautiful little girl. I love pretty much everything about this blog. This one is a must must read for me.

Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries
I don’t think I’ve ever seen two more photogenic children than Samson and Eleanor. They are the cutest little things to behold in this photo-heavy blog written by their mama Naomi, about living as a family in New York City (and going on lots of family visits out west). I love reading about their adventures, seeing the many many pictures, and coveting the whole family’s style. So great. A little less great is the lack of any capitalization whatsoever. Drives me a little batty.

Operation Tubetop
I believe Tova, the author of this blog, is (at the very least) Facebook friends with one of my Facebook friends. Some comment or other showed up in my newsfeed, I got intrigued, moseyed on over to take a look, and got hooked. Tova is a Canadian living in Vienna with her husband and son. Of all the blogs I read, hers is the most like an actual diary. It’s very real, sometimes almost stream of consciousness, and I like it because of that.

the ugly volvo
Written and illustrated (!) by a comedian and mother. It makes me laugh. Enough said.

So that’s my top 6 at the moment. What are your current favourite blogs? Any I should check out? Please share!


Excuse me while I trash my blog…

Please note that I am performing some pretty major updates to the look and content of Modern Rags. During this time I may actually break the site….please come back later when things are looking a little more in order. It shouldn’t be too long presuming my little one keeps to a regular napping schedule. If not, it may take a little longer than planned.

Thanks for your patience!


Minted & Julep

I’ve been dreaming about making the little one’s birth announcements for…oh…nearing 5 months now. As it’s obviously not happening, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to seriously look at alternatives where I can (very) easily use a template and have done with it before the child can announce his own birth.

Which is how I recently ended up on Minted where I almost immediately got distracted, and never actually ordered any birth announcements. Seriously. All it takes is a shiny object or new content that I can peruse while feeding my voraciously hungry little one for the umpteenth time, and you can consider me distracted.

Enter Julep – Minted’s blog – which describes itself as providing design and DIY inspiration for home, weddings and parties. Which immediately got me interested because, of course, I’m always in the mood for some design and DIY inspiration (even if I have zero time to do anything about it because I have a small human attached to me half of the time).

What I found interesting about Julep was that, even though there are some plugs for Minted’s products scattered in here and there, they don’t hit you over the head with them. The emphasis of the posts is on the inspiration and ideas, and not on the sales pitch. For example, in a recent post on Nursery Inspiration they created a mood board inspired by one of their art prints:


The post is short and sweet: find some little thing that inspires you (like a cute print), and then pull colours, patterns, and themes from it to design the rest of the room (which, of course, isn’t what I did when decorating Boo’s nursery, but whatever). There’s no “buy now” – just a discreet link to the print, and its inclusion in the list of items pictured.

Of course, once I clicked through to the print, I got started looking at their art print offerings (the next “shiny object”) and, much to my surprise, my work brain kicked in…I really like how user-friendly their art selection process is.

Though not all pieces have the same features, many of them – just like Minted’s stationery – are available in multiple colour schemes:


To help get your head around each sizing option available, they provide this handy dandy comparison (and can I just mention I love that the model is mostly invisible in the 44″x44″ shot?):


And then, if the print has been included in an art wall inspiration board – showing what other pieces of art go well with it – well then, that’s there too, providing inspiration for your very own art wall:


All of which is just generally helpful, and a pretty cool way to integrate their inspiration boards into the shopping experience.

Well done Minted.