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Archie Comic Beads

For the past week (!), I’ve been very slowly but surely creating another set of Archie beads. Between finding the right images, cutting, découpaging, re-découpaging (and then RE-découpaging), and finally sealing them with acrylic spray (outside on my balcony), all the while waiting for them to dry in between….it’s a process that is easily drawn out.

But I think the end result is totally worth it:

I’ll be using these beauties in some new creations for my Riverdale collection. I can’t wait to start making jewellery more regularly again!


Paper Frames DIY from Design*Sponge

So I’m a few days late coming across this, but I love the idea, and wanted to share (it’s right up my alley, and really complements my recent desire to decorate walls, as expressed here).

What’s best about these paper frames (besides the fact that they’re super cute): you can make them with whatever you’ve got on hand (like paper grocery bags or even newspaper)…which means if you mess up…who cares? Just throw your failed attempt in the recycling bin and try again. Visit Design*Sponge for the full how to.


Last Minute Halloween Bunting

I’ve been living out of boxes since July…it’s a long story involving a temporary apartment, and many attempts to buy my own home. But that’s neither here nor there. Saturday afternoon, as my boyfriend started raiding the candy I’d bought for the hordes of children that’ll be here tonight (apparently my street is the place to be on Halloween), I realized that I had no Halloween decorations whatsoever (and no desire to buy any, because I’ll just have to pack them up, and add to my apartment full of boxes).

So what to do?

I started looking around to see if I had anything – I mean anything orange. All I wanted was something simple, but that would indicate to trick-or-treaters that I have candy.

All I could find were CD envelopes. Orange CD envelopes, with a deep enough flap that would serve quite nicely to run string through…and so, I pulled out my handy Olfa knife, cut out a series of pumpkin faces, and TA DA! I had Halloween bunting to hang on my door!

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun, and stay safe!!