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Friday I’m in Love: “Casual” Pants

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight right from the start….casual pants, yoga pants, track pants, leisurewear, drapey pants, whatever you want to call them….more often than not they’re just jogging pants. They’re comfy and I love them. They are my first instinct when I get dressed and, should I be obliged to “dress up” (i.e. wear something other than jogging pants) to leave the house, they’re what I change into immediately upon returning home. They’re my uniform.

So this whole high-end, “wear them outside the house” jogging pant trend that started last year is totally my thing. The problem, of course, is that as a jogging pant wearing aficionado, I already owned a bunch of regular jogging pants, and haven’t been able to really justify buying more. Especially since these new fashionable ones are far more expensive than the traditional 12$ old-school joggers.

I can only hope they’ll eventually need replacing (and with the sheer quantity of baby food, snot, drool, what-have-you that gets wiped on them these days…it’s gotta be soon). Here’s what I’m liking right now:

1. Colorblock zip-pocket track pants | Gap
There aren’t too many colours on these colourblock joggers – but that’s ok. I like the grey, the different coloured waistband, the zipper detail, and the elasticized ankle. That they come in petites is just icing on the cake.

2. Leighanna Smocked Pant | Free People
I’m not sure if these are actually jogging pants…but they are casual and as far as I’m concerned, they seem to embrace the spirit of ultra comfy leisure pants. So I’m counting them. I like the pocket detailing, and the slight I Dream of Jeannie poof at the ankles.

3. Indigo Dye Relaxed Trouser | Splendid
So these are basically jeggings that aren’t quite legging tight. They definitely look like something you could wear out of the house. I like the slight ombre effect going on towards the bottom.

Jogging Pants 1

4. Bobi Harem Pant | Revolve Clothing
I’ve always been intrigued by harem pants. I have no idea if they’d look any good on me, or if they’d just look like I was wearing a diaper. But they do look pretty comfortable, and the drapey-ness could be pretty forgiving.

5. Cottage Check Lounge Jogger Pant | Simons
These are pretty much pajama bottoms, but the pattern makes me reminisce on my grunge days, and I like the black elasticized ankles. They’d be perfect for the fall/winter.

6. Women’s Drapey Cinched Pants | Old Navy
This is the most affordable pair of the bunch, which makes them highly attractive to me right now. They’re simple jogging pants, but the black just might make them out-of-the-house appropriate.

Jogging Pants 2

And what about you? Do you wear joggers? Has this new trend changed your opinion of the traditionally un-cool jogging pant? Do/would you wear them out of the house?


Friday I’m in Love: Maxis

Being only 5’2″ I never used to think i could pull off wearing maxi skirts or dresses. Until this summer when I stumbled upon a petite sized maxi dress from the Gap and fell in love. I bought it, and it looks great. So I bought another one. It looks less great, but is so comfortable that I don’t care.

Turns out I was wrong all those years, and have been denying myself the perfect compromise between dressing in a slightly more feminine way, but maintaining my hatred of shaving regularly (don’t get me wrong…I do shave my legs….I just can’t keep them perfectly smooth). Since then, I’ve been trolling the Internet for maxis.

Here are a few I currently have my eye on:

Current favourite maxis

1. Waltzing Matilda Ball Skirt | Shabby Apple
I love the cut of this skirt….with the fitted upper, the pleats, the POLKA DOTS!! This is so so nice. Though I worry it might be a tad fancy for wearing around the house (in my book dry clean = fancy ≠ something to wear while feeding the baby)

2. LAmade Faux Wrap | Nordstrom
You can’t go wrong with black. The wrap and drawstring add just enough detail to make it interesting and not blah. This is almost perfect, except for the fact it is hand wash.

3. Chic Draped Wrap-Front Jumpsuit | Simons
Okay, so this isn’t a maxi, but it was in the maxi product listings and…..just look at it. I love everything about this outfit: the jumpsuit, the jacket, the accessories. But the million dollar question is – can I pull off a jumpsuit?!

4. Splendid Maxi Dress | Nordstrom
This is my most colourful pick – the blue is just stunning. I also love how relaxed and casual this dress looks, and the drawstring waist is perfect for my body shape (I need a waist in my dresses).

So what’s your take on maxis? Love ’em or hate ’em?

(And what do you think about this jumpsuit trend? I think they look awesome…but am always skeptical about anything that has to almost come completely off just to have a tinkle.)


Friday I’m in Love: Tea

I have had a *wonderful* two weeks off over the holidays during which time I’ve accomplished very very little. But that’s ok. I wanted this time to rest, relax, catch up on some much needed sleep, and to properly distance myself from work (you know…to stop the constant hum of work-related crap constantly circling the back of my mind).

In these respects, my vacation was a grand success. A large part of which is due to the time I took to just sit, read, watch old movies, or play World of Goo, Contre Jour or Machinarium on my new iPad (thank you Stuart!). Regardless what I was doing, though, I did it with a cup mug of tea…and with homemade cookies (thank you Aunt Paige!).

Since I’ve been so tea-focused of late, here are few tea-related items I’m currently loving:

Pinned by Kaitlyn Titus via Beauty and Grace

hairbrainedschemes’ A Cup of Tea and a Long Book print

Pinned by Emma Edkins via Marley.and.Me

Skinny laMinx’s Everyone Came to Tea tea towel

Pinned by lorentsia via source

Teresa Doyle performing “You’re My Cup of Tea” (skip to about 1m 45sec to go immediately to the song).


Friday I’m in Love: Cats

I’ve been lacking motivation to post these days, and have been overall kinda blah.

I think a large contributing factor has been the death of my cat. Not long after our move, my little Weasley developed complications resulting from his rippling skin syndrome….and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down.

He was an amazing cat. His fur was sublimely soft, he had beautiful long whiskers, and he loved to talk. You could hold an entire conversation with him, and never once feel like you were being silly because he listened…and answered. He was just so full of personality.

I still look for him everywhere and miss him like crazy. A side effect that I think might be exacerbated by the fact that I still find his fur everywhere, is that I’ve become a little cat crazy. Like, crazy cat lady crazy.

Case in point:

On my recent vacation in Barbados I befriended a stray whom my boyfriend dubbed Kittimus Cattimus. We were staying in a little cottage on the beach, and she became a regular: there to greet us every morning, and insisting we pet her just a little more before we went to bed every night.

She was a hyper, yet endearing, little bugger. If I could have, I’d have packed her up in my suitcase and brought her home. Since I couldn’t, I’ve been obsessing about cats in other ways…

1. Clockwork Kitty / 2. Patchwork calico cat / 3. Vintage cat medical model
4. Cat bead charms / 5. Golden kitten ring

So what’s the verdict? Am I a crazy cat lady? Or is that moniker reserved for ladies actually owning multiple cats (either real or ceramic)? In my defence, I haven’t actually purchased any of the above items…though the steampunk kitty is pretty tempting (he looks remarkably like Weasley, doesn’t he?)


Friday I’m in Love: Bicycles

I haven’t had a bike for a really long time…and truthfully, for most of my adulthood I haven’t really wanted one. I just couldn’t see myself riding it in downtown Montreal, battling for my right not to get run over (and possibly slamming into parked cars as I attempt to do so).

But now that I’m moving to a slightly less busy area of the city, I find myself dreaming of a bicycle….not a mountain bike or racer, mind you. I want a city bike, that doesn’t necessarily have speed, but that’ll allow me to ride upright, and take in my surroundings.

Oh, and in my dreams, my bike is pretty (and maybe has a basket and some tassels on the handlebars). Here are a couple I’ve got my eye on:

The Public J7 in bright orange

The Holymoly lady’s solo by CreamCycle (love that name!)

Globe’s Daily 3 step thru bike in blue-grey

Linus Bikes’ Dutchie 3 in cream

Abici’s classic Italian Granturismo city bike – in special edition Kate Spade green!