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Somewhat Lately No. 14 – Wandering around the neighbourhood

I am very much a home body. I love being at home amidst my stuff. I love working on my various projects when I can – which is almost never these days. Even so, if I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there, I’m happy. In fact I am perfectly content to spend my day nursing Hiccup, rocking her, watching a little TV (while nursing or rocking her), and making a little (even a very little) progress on some creative endeavour while she naps (which truth be told isn’t very often).

Unfortunately this means I can easily forget to leave the house…sometimes for days at a time.

So I’ve been making an effort to get out more often. Specifically, I’ve been trying to walk. Whether it’s wandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood, or with a very specific purpose – say, going to the post office – I’ve been trying to get around on foot, rather than defaulting to the car, or not going out at all.

I’ve been moderately successful.

Following are a few photos I snapped before the weather turned cold – mostly taken on days without any specific purpose, as I wandered around the neighbourhood alleyways. When wandering with the hubby, he pushes Boo on his trike and I wear Hiccup in a wrap – I’m a fan of the Baby K’Tan, which is kinda like a cheater wrap…no actual wrapping is involved, which is perfect for uncoordinated people like me:

Hubby and Boo on his trike

Bringing up the rear

Baby wearing

When I’m on my own I take the stroller. My folks got us the Mountain Buggy Duet (which I LOVE) so that I can bring both kiddos on such excursions. If I’ve only got one little with me, I remove a seat and insert the optional tote bag (perfect for running errands).

Mountain Buggy Duet

I love walking through the back alleys – or ruelles – in the neighbourhood. Besides the general lack of people and vehicle traffic, there are so many fantastic gardens and flowers to look at:



Yellow bloom

Morning glories

….though sometimes there are just fences and barking dogs:

Beware of dog

….or old brick walls (I think this one looks very Diagon Alley-ish):

Brick wall

I also love looking at all the graffiti and signage:

Overgrown graffiti

Corrugated steel with graffiti

Penguin graffiti

School yard

I haven’t been taking too many pictures on my latest outings. I think maybe because I’ve been going on more task-specific walks (to the mall, to Walmart, to the Dollar Store) rather than meandering ones, I don’t think to pull out my phone and snap any pictures. Which is too bad. I want to make a better effort photographing the every day.


Lately, No. 13

During the two weeks preceding the new baby’s arrival, I stopped working altogether, we said a sad farewell to the nanny, and I did my best to waddle after and entertain my very active toddler. I tried to get him outside as much as possible, usually in the mornings before it got too hot. We paid LOTS of visits to the local park. Daddy tagged along on weekends.

Boo sliding by himself

Boo climbing the ladder to his favourite slide

Boo on the jungle gym bridge

Boo and Daddy climbing the slide

When it was too hot, humid or rainy to go outside, we did our best to entertain ourselves inside. We practiced sorting and stacking…

Boo playing at his table

We played with Play-Doh (I was quite proud of my Play-Doh elephant…Boo wasn’t so impressed)…

Mama's Play-Doh Elephant

We danced to Sesame Street songs…

Boo dancing with Mummy

And, I’ll be completely honest, we watched some TV…

Boo laughing at the TV

We also worked on getting the little man to eat table food (still not going so well…placing an item in his mouth, and then promptly spitting it out is about as far as we’ve gotten)…

Boo almost eating a cheesy

And on feeding himself with a spoon (also not going so well…note the lack of yogourt on his face)…

Boo playing with his yogourt

Two days before I popped, we roped Auntie Jenny into visiting the splash pad with us…

Boo and Auntie Jenny at Aquaciel

…Where, of course, the slides still proved the most popular attraction.

Boo on the slide while Mama watches

Boo on the slides at Aquaciel

Though it could be exhausting at times (some days all I wanted was to put my feet up and eat watermelon and cookies), we had great fun spending some quality time together before the arrival of the new baby.


Kind of Lately: Backyard water fun!

So the new baby is here.

Wow….one day we were a family of three and suddenly we’re (officially) four. You know it’s coming (I mean, I was pregnant after all), but it still kinda blows your mind when it happens.

So rather than think about having my mind blown (I’m still in that sleep-deprived, my newborn is operating on a reverse schedule, kind of state), I’d like to share some photos from a few weeks ago that have been sitting, edited, in a folder on my desktop.

Just a few days before I officially stopped working part-time and while we still had child care for Boo, it got hot. Really hot. The kind of hot that had my very pregnant self mostly staying inside, taking full advantage of the air conditioning. Boo and his nanny, on the other hand, weren’t at all avoiding an opportunity for some fun in the sun (and water).

Boo and Lesley with the hose

Boo being hosed down

With Boo’s birthday being in the Fall, my parents decided awhile back that they’d give him early birthday presents that could be enjoyed throughout the Summer. For his (upcoming) second birthday they gave him a sandbox….which we’ve been using as a mini-wading pool, since he hasn’t completely gotten into playing in the sand yet.

Boo reaching for the hose

Boo drinking from the hose

Boo just loves the water – no matter its source…so a wading pool + garden hose = instant hit!

Boo trying to drink from hose by himself

Boo enjoying the water

Look at that face!

Of course he only likes the water on his terms. He’ll jump in puddles, spray himself in the face with a hose, and be all around fascinated with getting wet. Until it’s bath time. Then he’s suddenly completely averse to even sitting in the tub, and can’t stand to get even a little water in his face. Go figure.


Lately No. 12

It’s been a busy and hectic few weeks.

We decided to have some work done to the house and surprise, surprise, the contractor had an availability IMMEDIATELY, followed by a many months long wait. So we jumped on the availability and basically turned our lives upside down for the following few weeks as our house became a construction zone. As bad as I felt to do so, we deserted the hubby in the mess, and I ran away to Kemptville with Boo to a) keep him out of the workers’ way, b) keep him out of the workers’ stuff, c) keep him out of the workers’ work, and d) keep him from inhaling any noxious paint or varnish fumes.

Also, because the house was just a disaster with half of it taped off with plastic, and living there with a curious toddler would have been next to impossible.

So Boo and I escaped to my parents’ house in Kemptville, where we probably out-stayed our welcome by at least half a week…I’d say by that last day when Boo sprinkled vinegar all over the kitchen floor, spilled most of the contents of a spice jar, and then unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper…it was time to go!

Boo in the closet under the stairs

Channelling his inner Harry Potter, Boo was a frequent visitor to the closet under the stairs, where he would unload the recycling bin of its contents.

Boo lounges with Nana's iPad

Boo easily found his Nana’s iPad, and effectively claimed it as his own as he brushed up on his alphabet.

Boo and Gramps watch Sesame Street

Sitting on his Gramps’ lap watching Sesame Street.

The forecast for our stay wasn’t particularly wonderful….rain and cool temperatures. The rain mostly held off, though, so we got outside as much as possible to explore and (let’s be honest), get in the way of my dad’s projects:

Boo running from the barn

Boo running on the gravel – he did a LOT of this. I think he liked the crunchy sound it made under his feet.

Boo gets a ride in the trailer with Nana

Going for a ride with Nana in the trailer…

Boo sitting on the John Deere with Gramps

…sitting on Gramps’ knee at the steering wheel….

Boo in the dirt

…and finally getting dirty in the trailer itself.

Eventually, my parents put the little man to work, and got him to help move rocks:

Boo playing with rocks

Boo taking a close look at some individual rocks….

Boo and the rock pile

…and finally throwing rocks into the big pile (amidst much examination, of course).


It was an impromptu and a looong visit, and I’m so so thankful to my parents for providing Boo and I a safe roof over our heads and for being so understanding of a less than ideal situation that kinda dragged on. On the upside, it was Boo’s longest visit with his grandparents, giving them the opportunity to spend some extended quality time together.

So it wasn’t all bad.

And though the renovations are now mostly complete in the house, the re-organization and settling in isn’t. Once we’re all set up I’ll share a little peek into what we had done.


Lately No. 11

Last week I told you all about Boo’s first hair cut – but I skipped the part about me getting my hair cut too (my hair was looking as scraggly and dishevelled as Boo):

Mama's new hair

And about Boo’s recent obsession with the vacuum wand – with or without the hose attached and the vacuum sometimes actually turned on – hey…if he’s going to “pretend” to vacuum my kitchen, be might as well “actually” vacuum it:



And his constant requests to wear winter gear – hats, scarves, mittens, his soft-soled boots – inside the house:

Boo wearing a hat and scarf

We also spent some time in Kemptville with my folks. It was our longest visit since I started working part-time back in October. I got to really catch up with my parents, which was so so nice. Boo got to practice going up/down stairs on their new, ultra plush, carpeting (at home we’re in a bungalow, so not much opportunity to work on stair climbing, other than to the very child unfriendly basement). My mom put my sleep training to the test to see if someone other than myself could get the little man to sleep. (Success! he wasn’t particularly happy about it, but she got him to sleep THREE times!)

Boo practicing climbing the stairs

Boo snuggling with Nana

We built Legos.

Lego House

We went to Home Depot to buy a few supplies for a project I “assigned” my Dad – which I’ll show in a future post. While we were there, though, Boo kind of freaked out (is it wrong that I find pictures of my son crying so cute?).

Boo crying in Home Depot

We also entertained visitors!

One evening my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family came over for dinner. Of course Boo was ultra crabby when they arrived and didn’t want to let go of Mama. His cousin O was especially shy and didn’t want to let go of his Nanny (my aunt)….so their early arrival for “play time” didn’t really pan out until, of course, after supper when it was time to leave and THEN they got all happy and friendly:

Boo playing with his cousin O

Boo sprawling out over the Legos

Boo and O looking at each other through the gate

The next day we had my old school friend Ashley and her son J over for a quick catch-up and short play date. Again, Boo was crabby (in his defence, he did have a molar coming through). J, however, was all smiles, and such a cutie! He explored the house and Boo’s toys, he ate the Sesame Street crackers that Boo refuses to put in his mouth (this kid eats like a champ…sigh…Boo could learn a thing or two or three from him), and eventually won Boo over. Phew! This kid really is Mister Adorable.

Ashley and J in my parents' living room

Boo and J play with a toy together

All in all, it was a great visit!