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Lately No. 10

If we’re friends on FaceBook then you know my little man has his first case of the sniffles. I hate it. But deep deep down I knew it had to happen eventually. We’re lucky it took 16 months for it to happen. We’re also lucky that he’s old enough to be curious, rather than apprehensive, about new things. Before bed on the first night of his cold, I figured I’d give the little guy some relief and snot sucker him. I prepared for the worst and got the husband to pin Boo down. Turns out, I didn’t really have to. He was fascinated by it, and once we were done, tried to stick it back up his nose and put the mouthpiece back into my mouth.

Too cute.

Since then, he’s been a willing snot suckeree, who just stands patiently and juts out his nose ever-so-slightly until I’ve completed the operation.

Before Boo got sick, we’d been busy working on animal sounds – since recording the following, he’s added a kind-of chicken and an almost sheep sound to his repertoire:

Two Fridays ago we visited Parc du Soleil – an indoor playground that’s literally a stone’s throw from home, but which I’d always assumed was a daycare. Nope. It’s covered in foam floor pads and for the very littles has hard foam structures to climb, not-too-high slides, not-too-deep ball rooms and foam and plastic blocks to stack. It was an ok sort of thing to do once in a blue moon, but definitely not somewhere I want to go too often. At least not while Boo is still too little for the “big kids” area:

Parc du Soleil 1

Parc du Soleil 2

Boo climbing at Parc du Soleil

What got the most laughs out of Boo was not the toys or activities – it was another much older boy who kept freaking out every time my little man toppled his foam block towers. I tried to mediate, but the kid was way too hyper, and frankly way annoying when he got into Boo’s face and shouted “Nooooooo”. That, of course, wasn’t the slightest bit annoying to Boo – he thought it was hilarious, which further upset the boy. Without any adult to reign in their overly large and excited son, I decided to remove Boo from the situation altogether.

Boo smiling at Parc du Soleil

Boo climbing through a tunnel at Parc du Soleil

I think what kind of bugged me about this place was that the lighting was so artificial (which explains the terrible terrible pictures). It felt kinda stale inside…and even though I washed his face and hands after our visit, it’s also probably where Boo picked up whatever germs gave him his cold.

In other play-related news, Boo has been getting more and more “precise” with his play. He isn’t just banging things around anymore (well, at least not exclusively, anyway), he’s showing some consideration, sorting, and thinking about what he’s doing. He loves his vintage Little People farm and knows where all of the animals go…he’s also embraced Mama’s idea for the farm to adopt his fireman Grover figure which is the same basic size as the little people. Poor Grover’s role has been to lie in bed, and get flipped out the window.

Boo playing in the living room

He’s also been working on curling and folding his tongue in ways I just can’t fathom doing. I understand these things are genetic and clearly come from his daddy’s side of the family:

Boo playing with his tongue

And he’s just overall being cute:

Boo smiling on the floor

Finally, on a non-Boo-related note, I’ve been experimenting with soup. Found a recipe for Won Ton soup at YummyMummyClub that I thought I’d give a try….it was quite good (I used dumplings, however, as suggested in the recipe if you can’t find Won Tons at your grocery store). Though to be completely honest, I think I preferred my totally experimental sort-of Tom Yum soup I created out of all my leftover ingredients.

Won Ton Soup

Not much else going on. Of course I got Boo’s cold, and so I’ve been trying to take it as easy as humanly possible whilst having a you’d-never-know-he-was-sick toddler running amuck. It’s amazing how resilient those little buggers are!


Lately No. 9

So we’ve been taking it easy the last few weeks and kind of lying low.

The holidays were, of course, both hectic and full of family. We visited with in-laws before Christmas, and then spent Christmas proper in Kemptville with my folks. Boo Boo was spoiled rotten on all fronts….thankfully I don’t think he realizes it yet. We’re going to have to be extra careful on that moving forward, though.

To help prevent him being completely overwhelmed with new stuff, I’ve been holding some of it back, and introducing one or two new items as I put some of his old/less played with toys away. Needless to say, that even with that strategy, my house is a total mess. I mean a real disaster area….because in addition to toys and books, Boo is into everything. Drawers, cupboards, closets, baskets….whatever item man has contrived to put and store objects in, Boo has become determined to empty.


Anyway…in light of the fact that it is now mid-January, I will spare you the Christmas re-cap. Here’s what else has been happening lately:

Andrea clearing snow off the cedars

We got a whole pile of snow…a huge wet and heavy snowfall. Our new cedars looked sad and bent….so I went out to shake ’em off.

Boo Boo not enjoying the snow

After that same snowfall, we dressed Boo Boo up in his snowsuit and brought him outside to experience deep snow for the first time. He wasn’t impressed, and generally had a look of alarm the whole time.

Mama and Boo looking at a book

Mama reading a book to Boo

Remember way back when I was hoping and dreaming my little man would take an interest in books? My prayers have been answered….he LOVES them. He particularly loves grabbing his book (or two) du jour and dragging it over, climbing on my lap, and then pointing at it (i.e. “Read lady!”). He’s not so great at listening just yet….I generally have to make up an abridged version of everything before he turns the page (quickly and roughly….we’re sticking to soft and board books for now).

Boo emptying the groceries

You know how I said Boo is into emptying things? Sometimes it proves helpful….here he is helping me unpack his groceries (yes….BABY FOOD….my little man still thinks I’m trying to poison him with table food).

Boo Boo relaxing on the table

…and while Boo doesn’t want to eat table food, he’s desperate to physically get up onto the table at all times. I generally manage to keep him off it at home…but in Kemptville when there’s an adult on each side to keep him from falling off? We’re a little more lax.

Boo looking out the window

Boo under the curtains

The little man has also become obsessed with windows and curtains….he wants to look out the window (smush his face up and down the window….ugh….), bang on the window, peek out the window….and then play in the curtains….running behind them, playing peek-a-boo, crawling under them…hours of entertainment and pure joy without any expensive toys….just my window treatments.

Ice on a branch

You know all that snow above? It melted. All of it. Then it rained….and made going anywhere treacherous.

Boo smiling

Just because he’s a cutie here….if you want a guaranteed smile, just say “ho ho ho” in a deep voice. Works every time.

Boo drinking from a cup

And this happened….actually, we discovered Boo could drink out of a cup by accident, when he picked up the hubby’s forgotten glass glass (eeeeep!) off the coffee table and started drinking out of it on his own….I heard something funny (I heard him putting the glass down between gulps) and came to investigate….and the little man giggled like you wouldn’t believe! Anyway. He’s a bit messy at it, but it’s a definite start!

….and I think that’s probably enough pictures of my son for today. More to come as I try to get my blogging ass back in gear!


Lately No. 8

I’m always getting bored of singing the same songs to Boo over and over again. Since it’s started snowing, though, I’ve allowed myself to dip into my Christmas songs repertoire. Unfortunately, my Christmas songs repertoire isn’t very large. At least not anymore – I can’t remember the lyrics to most songs. Except for Jingle Bells. I know those ones…all of them (including the Fanny Bright references, thanks to Barbra Streisand).

So yeah…I’ve been singing Jingle Bells to Boo. A lot. And ringing bells at the same time, which he likes. So much so, that he’s really starting to get into it:

Seeing that smile and excitement has suddenly infused me with the holiday spirit. I want to sing Christmas songs. I want to somehow decorate for Christmas in such a way that Boo won’t destroy my decorations. I want to drink hot chocolate by a fire. I want to curl up under a blanket and read Christmas stories to Boo, or watch Christmas movies with (or, let’s be honest, without) him. I want to throw him in a pile of snow just to see his reaction (okay, maybe not actually throw him…).

Christmas is coming…(as per Miss Piggy – we’ve also started listening to Christmas music)!

p.s. Did you notice those teeth? There’s still only three of ’em, but if they aren’t the cutest little teeth you ever did see….

p.p.s. I just discovered that Boo’s xylophone is in fact a glockenspiel. Who knew?


Lately No. 7

It’s felt a little slow around here. Probably because I had a cold, which brought everything other than the essentials to a grinding halt. Thankfully I am now mostly over it and feeling much better.

I’ve been working a few hours a week from home for the last month or so, and am happily awaiting my first paycheque this week. As a consultant I know that being paid net 30 days is standard…but ouch! Waiting for that very first cheque can be difficult. It’s been a little over two months since my maternity leave ended, and my bank account is looking forward to a deposit.

Boo Boo, of course, continues to be the sweetest and cutest thing ever. He amazes me everyday….though admittedly my amazement isn’t always positive (he’s still getting far too much enjoyment from hitting his head against, well, everything…).

Boo looking through Dada's legs

My little man likes to find the most direct route to what he wants…in this case, Daddy’s attention!

Boo Boo's top tooth

Boo Boo has been smiling a lot lately…giving us a much better look at his three teeth. I’m in love with that lone top tooth.

Boo Boo gazes at Cookie Monster

Boo sneaks a peek at Cookie Monster.

Mama's uniform

Working from home has its perks…these are pretty much my work clothes.

Boo Boo practices with his spoon

Boo Boo is still totally uninterested in feeding himself. But, he is making progress figuring out how spoons work.

Andrea's odometer

So yeah…while we’ve been busy marking all of Boo Boo’s milestones, Erica (…my car…don’t you name your car? My gal goes by the name Erica Echo) hit her own! She also, quite evidently, needs to be dusted.

Boo's hair

I’ve stopped combing Boo’s hair after his bath…because if I leave it be, I’ve noticed that the top layer is starting to curl as it dries. And I love it.

Boo Boo and Dada just hanging around.

Just hanging around with Daddy! I don’t know who’s having more fun in this picture – they’re both so cute :)

Rocky Road Cupcake

We had my in-laws over for my MIL’s birthday this past weekend. The husband went overboard for dessert – a (delicious) key lime pie AND cupcakes (all purchased from here, and oh so good).

Family shot

While the in-laws were over we managed to get another family shot…we need to make an effort to get more of these. In better lighting, too!

I believe we’re having the in-laws back for dinner next weekend, this time for their anniversary. It’s a big one!!

In the meantime, I’ve got to get started on my Christmas shopping. I think this is the first year in which I have absolutely no idea what to get anyone….and a list about as long as my arm of stuff I’d like. Terrible, isn’t it? How are you progressing with your holiday shopping? Have you started? Finished? Want to do mine?


Lately No. 6

Things around here have been pretty Boo-focused (aren’t they always?). Boo had his one-year check-up and vaccinations at the family doctor. As usual he screamed bloody murder, but didn’t have any bad reactions.

We also spent a day at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for a whole pile of appointments. It was a long day that started off badly (Mama couldn’t find any parking and swore a lot! In the end I resorted to indoor parking at Alexis Nihon Plaza for SEVENTEEN dollars. Sigh.). But the appointments went well, and we managed to fit in a little walk downtown during our lunch break. The weather was abnormally mild (I think it was over 20 degrees!) and Boo and I were out in our t-shirts. I felt I was somehow neglecting him, though, when I saw other parents bundling up their little ones in heavy jackets and – I kid you not – even a snowsuit. Seeing things like that always makes me second guess myself, but I figure I must be doing something right – the kid’s never had a cold, or an ear infection, or any major illness.*

At home we’ve been playing with new toys, and attempting to get Boo’s teeth on film. I have to assume it’ll only get easier as they come in, but here’s the very first shot I got of his lower teeth:

Boo's first toothy smile

Boo’s (fuzzy) bottom teeth. They’ve already come in a few more millimetres.

Boo on his Jeep

Boo cruising around the house on his Mega Blocks Jeep with Dada.

On Thanksgiving weekend we headed out to Kemptville to visit with my folks and to partake in their annual BIG FAMILY DINNER. When we arrived Boo immediately went to his Nana and enjoyed looking at his farm book with her:

Nana and Boo reading on the floor

Boo enjoying some quality time with Nana.

Thanksgiving Sunday was gorgeous, so we headed outside for some fresh air:

Mama and Boo

Mama and Boo take a selfie!

Riding the Kubota

I tried my hand at my dad’s new Kubota….it definitely took some getting used to. (Oh, and do you like those socks? Geez….)

Boo Boo watching the Kubota

After my so-so attempt on the Kubota my dad got on and showed off. I don’t think Boo was too impressed….but who cares? Look at those eyes!!

….back home, I had a treat I haven’t had in a LONG time:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

An old favourite….peanut butter on top of President’s Choice Decadent chocolate chip cookies. And a glass of milk.

More photos from that beautiful and gorgeous day to come (my mom and I took Boo to see pumpkins!!) and from Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.

* Knock on wood.