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Lately No. 5

As mentioned in my last post Boo and I have been getting out a lot these days. We rode the metro together for the first time. We went to a crazy sale downtown. We went for a walk down to the canal, through neighbourhood alleyways and the park. We both got library cards.

The husband and I dragged Boo on another round of cottage visits. Though nothing we looked at was quite right, we picked the perfect day for the drive. The weather was just beautiful, and for most of the drive the leaves were spectacular! So many yellows and intense reds. Just wonderful. That alone made the trek worth it.

On the metro with Boo

I took Boo on his first ever Metro ride downtown…he was alert on the way…asleep on the way home. Downtown is tiring.

Our 50% off book haul

We went to the closing sale at Chapters downtown. In addition to one (unpictured) book for Mama, we came home with the above haul of children’s books – all for 50% off!

Boo in vintage overalls

Boo’s love affair with Daddy’s guitars appears to be waning…but is not dead. Here he’s wearing a pair of vintage 1970s overalls originally worn by his uncle.

Coeur de Lou moccasins

I left Boo Boo with Daddy one Sunday afternoon and went to the Puces Pop craft show to pick up a pair of Coeur de Lou moccasins for the little guy. Thought he needed some shoes for around the house.

Boo climbing onto nursing chair

Caught in the act!!

Canal in September

A beautiful fall day at the canal.

Viande - Ouvert 7 jours

I always get a kick out of this old Viande (that’s French for Meat) sign over a local dépanneur (or convenience store).


A ruelle, or alleyway, in my neighbourhood.

Fall pop of red

On our last adventure to look at cottage properties, we hit the peak of fall foliage….only not in this particular picture. I did like the burst of red amidst all of the green, though, at this one spot where we weren’t in the car.

In other news little Boo finally (FINALLY!) cut his first tooth. I was probably a little too excited, but I’ve been waiting to see that little flash of white for a very long time. He’s already got a second one coming in, so I get the feeling he’s going to make up for lost time. They’re still both pretty tiny, though, so haven’t made much of an impact on his smile yet. Can’t wait to see what he looks like with actual teeth.

Boo crawling and drooling

Since he started teething, every few days Boo starts drooling up a storm.

In other other news my little man turned one this week! I probably went a little overboard for his celebrations, since he really had no idea he was turning one…but I considered it practice for the coming years. I’ll be sharing more on his birthday soon.


Lately No. 4

As Boo gets more and more mobile and….smart (?) we’ve been amping up the childproofing in the house. Yes, yes, we should have done it all at once, but that would have been so time consuming. Instead, we took care of the necessary hazards (baby gates, covers for the plugs, cabinet locks), and for the rest we’ve been adjusting and tweaking as we go. It’s a process.

Part of this process involved getting a new stand for all of our TV related paraphernalia (the TV itself is mounted to the wall). And since we didn’t want to sell our first born to pay for a really nice one (we’re quite fond of him), I went to IKEA….where I forgot to take any pictures of Boo sitting in the IKEA shopping cart for the first time (d’oh!). But I did take some snaps before we left:

Closeup of Boo

Boo’s been very into either twisting his tongue or sticking it out these days.

Boo concentrating

He’s also started making this “o” shaped mouth when he’s concentrating.

Boo with his Auntie Jenny

Boo’s Auntie Jenny came to IKEA to provide an extra set of hands. She’s become our “IKEA buddy” :)


Orange toenails

I painted my toenails. In and of itself, not a huge deal…only it was the first time I applied nail polish since before Boo was born. So it actually felt kind of momentous!

Boo looking into an orange bin

I bought some orange bins at IKEA to help contain (hide) Boo’s toys in the living room…here he is peering into one of them, along with a folk art wooden fish he keeps pulling off our wall.

Elmo's Song playing in the car

We’ve continued trekking up to the Laurentians on the weekends. Boo remains a trooper but tends to lose patience by the time we’re headed home. To keep him happy, we play Elmo’s Song…on loop.

Boo and an iPad

Nana and Gramps recently took Boo and I out to dinner. When we got desperate to keep Boo entertained (quiet)…out came Nana’s iPad. Worked like a charm.

Sometimes I worry that letting Boo look at the iPad will rot his brain. But I figure that an “everything in moderation” approach is so much more realistic than a “no screens whatsoever” one….especially for my sanity, and for that of fellow diners when we’re out for a meal.


Lately No. 3

So Boo and I were going about our regular business…

Boo playing guitar

Boo loves the time between when he first wakes up (and Mama nurses him) and breakfast…the sun is shining into the living room and he’s got tons of energy. Most importantly, though, is that Daddy hasn’t left for work yet, which means it’s guitar playing time!

Boo and a stacking cup

My little man loves rolling around on this colourful bedspread…here he is relaxing and drooling with one of his stacking cups.

Boo Boo head to head with Mama

Hanging out with Mama.

Boo pouting in his highchair

Boo has been getting a little picky of late…this face is pretty common during mealtimes.

Then the husband came up with the idea of buying a cottage. It’s not entirely clear if this is a realistic idea, or something we even want to do. But we thought it might be fun to see what’s out there, and what kind of cottage we could expect from both ends of our hypothetical price range.

So all of our careful work on routines and good sleeping habits got chucked out the window, and we found ourselves driving up to the Laurentians repeatedly.

Boo in the car with his phone

Strapped into his carseat and ready for adventure! Boo loves his mobile phone!

Casse Croute Le 200

On our cottage visiting adventures we’ve been exploring the same general area as where my family had a log cabin when I was a kid. For a trip down memory lane we stopped in at Casse Croute Le 200 in Brownsburg (this place was a frequent stop on our way up to the cottage on Friday nights).

Hot dog and fries

Mmm….steamy hot dog and greasy fries.


On our way to scout out a property, we made a turn and suddenly were surrounded by farm fields, bales of hay and the greenest ever grass.
It was just beautiful.

Boo being tickled by Daddy

When we headed out for a whole day of visiting we brought along Boo’s favourite blanket to spread out and play on….here Boo Boo gets tickled by Daddy!

My main take away from the last while is that I had completely forgotten how misleading real estate pictures and descriptions can be. I mean, I know the agents’ goal is to present the property in as favourable a light as possible. But really….we visited a cottage advertised as just 100 feet from the river. What the agent neglected to mention was that it was 100 feet DOWN. Eep!


Lately No. 2

Our days are still focused on improving Boo’s napping…we’re making good progress!

Boo Boo napping in his crib

Boo Boo fast asleep in his crib – as opposed to in my arms. It’s wonderful to be able to put him down once he falls asleep.

Cup of tea

Now that Boo is napping in his crib, I can actually indulge in a cup of tea. Which is so so wonderful!

Ziploc bag painting

Just because we’ve been staying close to home doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing anything. We tried a little painting….but kept everything in a Ziploc bag to keep it clean. Boo waved it around more than anything!

Skip Hop Moby bath spout cover

About two months ago, Boo made the transition to the big tub. Like every other parent on the planet we got the Moby bath spout cover to protect his noggin. It does the job….but it also encourages him to stand in the tub to try and maul it.

Boo after a bath

Boo enjoys a little “air drying” after a bath – he used to kinda just stay in his room, but now he has the run of the house in his birthday suit.

Good morning sunshine

Napping better during the day seems to be helping Boo sleep better at night too – so we’re waking up to more smiles than we used to.


Lately No. 1

Here’s a little peak into what’s been happening around the house these days:

Mama playing with Boo Boo

Boo has been learning how to open his pop-up toy, rather than just close it.


We’ve been playing the xylophone – Boo’s getting pretty good at hitting the actual keys, and I’ve DOUBLED my musical repertoire!!
(So yeah…I learned a second song).

Boo getting into the cupboards

Boo Boo has been exploring the kitchen cupboards – he’s a big fan of pulling out the tupperware and fondling the pasta.

Boo playing with the curtains

It’s always fun to play in the curtains! (or under scarves, blankets, towels, you name it)

Mama's feet

I got to wear pants during a recent cold snap – the first hint of Fall was in the air! Ok ok….LEGGINGS are not pants, I know. But these ones from ZIBtextile are just awesome. (Oh, and thanks to Photoshop it’s not so obvious that that carpet desperately needed vacuuming! Hurrah for technology!)

Boo Boo and Scout

Boo Boo remains devoted to his pal Scout.

Apart from a few walks to the park and playing in the backyard, we haven’t been getting out of the house too much these days. We’ve been working on improving Boo’s napping and so I’ve been trying to keep his days as simple and consistent as possible, so that I can get him to sleep as soon as he shows signs of fatigue.

Even though we’ve been sticking close to home, our days still feel pretty full! Boo Boo is an active little boy who makes the rounds between playing (and getting into trouble) in the living room, kitchen, his bedroom, my bedroom and, when he can sneak in, the bathroom (it gets slippery very easily in there AND has a ceramic step which I fear he’ll fall onto…I think it’s the only room in which I feel overprotective….plus he’s always trying to get his hands into the toilet, which is just gross).