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A Photo A Day: April Highlights

April was a very full, hectic and stressful month. I missed my very first photo of the year (I was soo upset). Considering what was going on at the time, though, I’m not too surprised I was a little distracted. Oh well…

Here are a few highlights:


A Photo A Day: March Highlights

….and finally, here are some of my favourite photos from March:

Phew! I’m all caught up!

[ Can you believe I already can’t wait to compile April and May’s highlights? I have no idea what sort of photos I’ll end up with, but I know a bunch of ’em will be in ITALY! Can’t wait!! ]

UPDATE: Blast it….I’m going to have to wait. The trip’s been canceled…I guess my fantastic photo-a-day vacation shots are just going to have to wait.



A Photo A Day: January Highlights

One of my goals for 2011 was to take more photos, and not just pull out my camera at special occasions, events or on vacation. Instead, I wanted to take pictures that captured my everyday life, and the everyday things around me. To help challenge and motivate myself, I pledged to take a photo a day….and, believe it or not three complete months into the year, and I’ve taken a photo on every single day.


While I was congratulating and patting myself on the back (!), it suddenly occurred to me that it might be nice to share a little of my progress…so starting now-ish, I’ll post a few highlights at the end of each month. But first, I’ll play a little catch-up:

Stay tuned for February and March’s highlights.

So…we know that I’ve been keeping at least one of my resolutions. How about you? Are you successfully implementing your 2011 resolutions into your daily life?


Twelve: A Photography Project

As mentioned in my 2011 resolutions, I want to take more photos (what I didn’t mention is that I’d also like to become a better and more creative photographer…here’s hoping that practice makes perfect). Part of how I hope to accomplish this is by attempting to take a photo a day…the hardest part, I think, will be remembering to bring my camera everywhere, and getting over the unnecessary embarrassment I feel when I pull it out, and start taking random pictures.

Last night I came across another photography project that’s a little less intimidating, and provides a little more direction that I would also like to attempt: it’s called Twelve.

The basic concept is this: each month participants will be given a theme or word, as well as an optional inspirational colour…our mission for that month is to take pictures that represent that theme, and then share them on flickr. January’s theme is wish, with violet and white as our colour inspiration.

Think I’m biting off more than I can chew with two photography projects? I’m really hoping (wishing?) that I’m up to the challenge. Is anyone else?