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Makeup fail: my eyebrows

I’ve got pretty good eyebrows.

Sure I plucked the hell out of them in high school (didn’t everyone pluck their eyebrows down to nothing in the 90s?). And I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with them throughout my 20s and early 30s due to the fact they took so long to maintain.

Since I had Boo, though, I kinda eased up on their maintenance, and allowed them to grow out….and I love them! They’re thick (but not ridiculously so), quite full, and have a nice natural shape to them. Apart from trimming them every two weeks, plucking any unibrow-threatening hairs and the odd hair below their natural/reasonable line, I can mostly leave them alone.

But it somehow got into my head that I could make my great eyebrows even better. Maybe even amazing! How? With eyebrow makeup….just to fill in those few sparse areas and better define them overall.

Green super macro eye

(these are not my eyebrows – image courtesy of Courtney Rhodes)

I went to Sephora one weekend to see what I could come up with. I was initially thinking an eyebrow powder would work best, just because I read about powders online and am apparently quite impressionable. But the lady at the store told me no….a gel would be much better, and last throughout the day, whereas a powder would wear off. Seemed reasonable to me. So she sat me down in a chair, and found an eyebrow gel colour that worked with my brows, and applied.

My eyebrows looked GREAT! The same, but better!

I bought the gel and an angle brush to apply and went on my merry way.

Fast forward a few days to when I decided to try applying the gel myself. Hmmm….it seemed to take me much longer than it took the Sephora beauty consultant lady – but she’s had lots of practice, right? I seemed to keep needing more from the tube, whereas I couldn’t really remember her needing so much. It seemed darker than I remembered.

When I stepped back to look at my brows, my worst fears were confirmed. I looked silly. I mean, completely and utterly ridiculous. I washed it off immediately, and began pondering what I had done wrong. Too much gel? Applied everywhere rather than only where I really needed it?

I’ve decided to try again. Repeatedly if I must. But only when I’m home alone and Boo is down for his nap, so that NOBODY can see me.

Until I get it right, that is.


Friday I’m in Love: Comfort

So the weather outside is frightful….at least it’s been mostly frightful. Either bitter cold (I believe those were the exact words used on The Weather Network the other day – bitter cold), or snowing like crazy. And though I don’t particularly mind the snowing part (it looks very pretty), it can make getting around a real hassle, especially when you drive a Toyota Echo.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Erica. I’ve had her since 2005 and she still does a great job getting me from points A to B in most weather. But I’ve become spoiled driving the hubby’s Outback, so no matter how well my little car manages, she just doesn’t compare to all-wheel-drive (she is far cuter, though).

But I digress.

The crappy weather makes me want to just throw on some comfy clothes, curl up in an armchair (I don’t believe we own an armchair, but whatever), drink gallons of tea (ideally it’d be caffeinated), and read a good book.

Friday I'm in Love – Comfort

denim overalls | newton eyeglasses in aurelia tortoise | double layered top | knitted knot necklace | Yes Please | tea-rex mug

I realize, of course, that I haven’t had the figure to wear overalls since I was about 14….especially that particular $550 pair from Madewell. But the feeling of overalls is what I’m going for here. You know. No waist. And who’s to say my comfy ensemble couldn’t include a comfy knitted (and toddler friendly) necklace? And beautiful glasses? (How else am I supposed to read?) And that awesome awesome top? (Seriously…go take a look at AryaSense…she makes some beautiful – and comfy looking – stuff.)


Friday I’m in Love: Fall Wardrobes

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always loved the Fall. Maybe it has something to do with new beginnings….or at least the idea of new beginnings. Which is strange, because of course the Fall is when nature sheds her plumage and goes dormant for the winter, which seems more of an ending than a beginning.

Unless, you’re in school, that is.

I can remember that sense of anticipation for a new school year. The feeling that this year was going to be different than all of the previous ones. That you had the opportunity to completely start over. That this year you’d finally feel like you fit in. That you’d find your new very best friend. That you’d get a boyfriend. That somehow you’d be an entirely new and improved version of yourself.

Or at least your new back-to-school wardrobe would be.

The Fall is such a great season to dress for. Cool, crisp air combined with a sun that’s still strong enough to warrant the removal of layers….and of course the leaves. They set the whole colour palette for the Fall.

I still dream of new Fall wardrobes…though as a stay at home, and now experimental work at home, mom…I don’t really need one. But if I did….this is what I’d get:


theodosia blouse | manchester tall boot | fillmore in redwood ash | sami arctic tribe lasso necklace | wool cape

And while I whooshed around (probably looking ridiculous) in my cape, I’d tote along my cute little Boo in his own – very practical and comfortable – Fall outfit:


hut print leggings | hat print sweatshirt | classic suede-like moccasin

Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe every Fall…also please tell me it’s not weird that I still get excited about the idea of back-to-school shopping (don’t get me wrong…the actual back to school part of back-to-school generally stressed me out, and I don’t miss it one bit…but new clothes? And new stationery?!? Well…I guess that’s best left for another post!).


My….beauty regimen?

Very often extremely photogenic bloggers (or their attractive models/friends) share their beauty regimens and favourite products. Depending on the level of detail, I may read, scan, or skip the post entirely. Because let’s face it…though I know my beauty routine could use an overhaul, it’s probably not going to happen as the result of my reading a blog post, or with products I’m either not likely to find locally or whose prices make me choke.

Makeup brushes by Natasia Causse

image source

Which isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes stop and wonder….what if I had more time to make myself pretty? Wouldn’t it be great to get my eyebrows to look perfect every day? How can I get fresh and glowing skin? And wouldn’t orange lipstick be awesome?

The reality, of course, is that most days I don’t wear makeup anymore. Washing my face is, pretty much, my current beauty regimen (and half the time, I only get to it halfway through the day). Oh, and of course I’ll usually pluck the most offensive of hairs here and there, when I steal a moment to use the washroom (If I’m washing my hands and can see the hair in the mirror…it’s gotta go).

When I do wear makeup, it’s pretty basic: moisturizer, foundation/pressed powder, blush, eyeliner. I don’t do a particularly good job applying any of it. Once when Boo was grabbing at my legs, I think I forgot to line both eyes.

So instead of relying on fantastic products – ever since the jewel cases on my go-to products started breaking ALL THE TIME – I kind of buy whatever is on sale and hope for the best. I mean…there’s always Photoshop, right?


Friday I’m in Love: “Casual” Pants

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight right from the start….casual pants, yoga pants, track pants, leisurewear, drapey pants, whatever you want to call them….more often than not they’re just jogging pants. They’re comfy and I love them. They are my first instinct when I get dressed and, should I be obliged to “dress up” (i.e. wear something other than jogging pants) to leave the house, they’re what I change into immediately upon returning home. They’re my uniform.

So this whole high-end, “wear them outside the house” jogging pant trend that started last year is totally my thing. The problem, of course, is that as a jogging pant wearing aficionado, I already owned a bunch of regular jogging pants, and haven’t been able to really justify buying more. Especially since these new fashionable ones are far more expensive than the traditional 12$ old-school joggers.

I can only hope they’ll eventually need replacing (and with the sheer quantity of baby food, snot, drool, what-have-you that gets wiped on them these days…it’s gotta be soon). Here’s what I’m liking right now:

1. Colorblock zip-pocket track pants | Gap
There aren’t too many colours on these colourblock joggers – but that’s ok. I like the grey, the different coloured waistband, the zipper detail, and the elasticized ankle. That they come in petites is just icing on the cake.

2. Leighanna Smocked Pant | Free People
I’m not sure if these are actually jogging pants…but they are casual and as far as I’m concerned, they seem to embrace the spirit of ultra comfy leisure pants. So I’m counting them. I like the pocket detailing, and the slight I Dream of Jeannie poof at the ankles.

3. Indigo Dye Relaxed Trouser | Splendid
So these are basically jeggings that aren’t quite legging tight. They definitely look like something you could wear out of the house. I like the slight ombre effect going on towards the bottom.

Jogging Pants 1

4. Bobi Harem Pant | Revolve Clothing
I’ve always been intrigued by harem pants. I have no idea if they’d look any good on me, or if they’d just look like I was wearing a diaper. But they do look pretty comfortable, and the drapey-ness could be pretty forgiving.

5. Cottage Check Lounge Jogger Pant | Simons
These are pretty much pajama bottoms, but the pattern makes me reminisce on my grunge days, and I like the black elasticized ankles. They’d be perfect for the fall/winter.

6. Women’s Drapey Cinched Pants | Old Navy
This is the most affordable pair of the bunch, which makes them highly attractive to me right now. They’re simple jogging pants, but the black just might make them out-of-the-house appropriate.

Jogging Pants 2

And what about you? Do you wear joggers? Has this new trend changed your opinion of the traditionally un-cool jogging pant? Do/would you wear them out of the house?