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Friday I’m in Love: Maxis

Being only 5’2″ I never used to think i could pull off wearing maxi skirts or dresses. Until this summer when I stumbled upon a petite sized maxi dress from the Gap and fell in love. I bought it, and it looks great. So I bought another one. It looks less great, but is so comfortable that I don’t care.

Turns out I was wrong all those years, and have been denying myself the perfect compromise between dressing in a slightly more feminine way, but maintaining my hatred of shaving regularly (don’t get me wrong…I do shave my legs….I just can’t keep them perfectly smooth). Since then, I’ve been trolling the Internet for maxis.

Here are a few I currently have my eye on:

Current favourite maxis

1. Waltzing Matilda Ball Skirt | Shabby Apple
I love the cut of this skirt….with the fitted upper, the pleats, the POLKA DOTS!! This is so so nice. Though I worry it might be a tad fancy for wearing around the house (in my book dry clean = fancy ≠ something to wear while feeding the baby)

2. LAmade Faux Wrap | Nordstrom
You can’t go wrong with black. The wrap and drawstring add just enough detail to make it interesting and not blah. This is almost perfect, except for the fact it is hand wash.

3. Chic Draped Wrap-Front Jumpsuit | Simons
Okay, so this isn’t a maxi, but it was in the maxi product listings and…..just look at it. I love everything about this outfit: the jumpsuit, the jacket, the accessories. But the million dollar question is – can I pull off a jumpsuit?!

4. Splendid Maxi Dress | Nordstrom
This is my most colourful pick – the blue is just stunning. I also love how relaxed and casual this dress looks, and the drawstring waist is perfect for my body shape (I need a waist in my dresses).

So what’s your take on maxis? Love ’em or hate ’em?

(And what do you think about this jumpsuit trend? I think they look awesome…but am always skeptical about anything that has to almost come completely off just to have a tinkle.)