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I love Sesame Street (2)

Another example why I love Sesame Street so much is the Question Song.

I like to sing along to Prairie Dawn’s part (actually, I’m not sure this is the Prairie Dawn puppet, but it sure does sound like her)…I leave Grover’s answers alone, as I just can’t match his delivery:

Grover’s answers in this song are fantastic…the more you listen to Sesame Street, the more you discover he’s got a serious thing for cows (for example). So fun.


I love Sesame Street (1)

One of the best parts of having a baby is the justification it gives you for consuming children’s entertainment. I mean…even if the little one is in bed, I have to verify the content and determine at what age it’ll be appropriate for him to watch or listen to it. Right? RIGHT?

It’s become a tradition for Boo and I to listen to music during meals. I do talk to him, but I just can’t carry on a one-sided conversation for that long. So we listen…I sing along…and we I talk about the songs. Our My favourites to listen to are Sesame Street. They’re cute, humorous and often have a positive message.

Here’s one of our my favourites that we’ve been listening to:

God I love Grover! This one actually gets me laughing out loud….”Maybe my ears are on backward!” I love it! Who’s your favourite Sesame Street character?


Type Tuesdays: My So Called Type

One of my all-time favourite shows way back when, was My So Called Life…there was just something that felt so much more real about it than, say, Beverly Hills 90210 (which was one of its contemporaries, and which I admittedly also watched).

I related to Angela’s angst, her awkwardness, and her desire to be herself…whoever that was. As we watched her trying to figure that out in more or less everyday/realistic situations and predicaments, it felt somehow reassuring to see lives depicted on TV that struck a little closer to home than most other shows.

So I was quite please to discover, in commemoration of My So Called Life: My So Called Type

Available to purchase as an 18″ x 24″ poster, you can find the above, and a few other TV shows represented in type over at My So Called Type.