I love Sesame Street (4) – Updated

After calling Bert a weirdo last time, I thought I ought to give him another chance, and spent some time with Boo listening to the Best of Bert – a compilation of some of the very best Sesame Street songs featuring our unibrowed friend.

My conclusion?

I still think he’s a weirdo. Especially after hearing the song I Want to Hold Your Ear – which is sung by Bert on the album, but was apparently originally (or also?) sung by some puppet named Maurice in a bizarre Mr. Potato Head-type creepy sketch where the object of Maurice’s affections gets her face pulled off piece by piece. Ugh.

That being said, Bert does have a few winners….among them, the National Association of W Lovers. Have a listen:

Gotta love a little word play….especially the line “A fine word like waffle would turn out just awful…”

So what do you think about Bert? Is he a loveable dork? Is he a bore? A creep? Misunderstood? In need of an esthetician to divvy up his eyebrow?

::::: UPDATE :::::

So shortly after posting the above, I fell upon Bert’s song I’m square. Effectively answering my big “what is Bert” question. Square is most definitely the answer.

He’s still weird, though. Who else thinks emptying ashtrays is fun?


You’re sick Mama? Too bad.

I’ve been comparatively lucky over the past year, steering clear as much as possible from other people’s illnesses to keep Boo and I healthy.

And it’s worked so far….for Boo at least.

Last week I caught a cold for the first time in about a year and a half. I was floored. I couldn’t believe I was sick. I couldn’t believe I was sick and I still had to do everything I’d had to do before I was sick. Because obviously a 13-month old really doesn’t care how you’re feeling.

Boo in the kitchen drawer

“Look Mama! I pulled everything out of the drawer for you to put away again!”

So I had to get up throughout the night to soothe and comfort my little man who hasn’t been sleeping well. I had to wake up in the morning, nurse, change diapers, feed Boo, do laundry, clean up, give baths, brush teeth, and get the little guy to bed….all as if I was feeling perfectly normal….with the addition of gargling and washing my hands almost obsessively, trying to keep Boo from touching my face, desperately trying not to cough or sneeze in his vicinity, and generally attempting not to sniff or clear my throat in a way that might wake him up once I’d gotten him to sleep.

It sucked.

I mean, it really really sucked.

And I should have been prepared for it. Throughout that year and a half of not getting any colds, I did have a bout of kidney stones. From what you hear about them, I don’t think I had it all that bad….a few mornings of terrible, can’t stand up straight, cramping and one full day of complete and utter pain spent in the hospital as they tried to identify what was wrong. That day was the worst of it, and I spent it outside of the home in one of the least comfortable environments imaginable – an ER waiting room – with a 5 month old exclusively breast-fed baby….

Thank God hubby was there to help out, and later my father-in-law arrived like a God-send to bring some food and lend a hand. But even then….only I could feed Boo. And sometimes only Mama’s arms could soothe him…no matter how much soothing Mama needed for herself.

So I’m not sure why I was so surprised by how much the past week has so completely sucked.

I think it might be because it was my first time being “regular” sick. Something that is going to happen every so often, no matter how hard I try to stay healthy. And notwithstanding my every instinct to just drop everything and take care of myself….I absolutely could not do so.

Because there was a little man depending on his Mama.


Halloween 2014

Last Halloween Boo was just about exactly one month old. He was still in that slightly weird looking old man newborn phase. And he had colic. Terrible, terrible, colic. If he wasn’t sleeping or nursing – he was crying:

Boo Boo's first Halloween

So we didn’t really have much fun with him for Halloween. Though I considered it, I didn’t dress him up and we didn’t do any visiting. Instead of doing those things, he cried. I probably cried a little too. Those early days of colic were pretty rough.

This year, however, was a very different (and far happier and busier) story.

First thing Halloween morning, after our usual traditions of nursing and looking out the window, I put Boo into his costume so that Dada’s very first view of his little man was as a dragon. We spent the morning playing in costume, until it was time for breakfast:

Boo Boo the dragon and his walker

Boo Boo the dragon at play

Boo Boo the dragon crawling

Boo Boo smiling with his dragon hood down

After breakfast we got back in costume and headed to the grocery store. Then, in keeping with my childhood tradition of visiting my aunt in costume, we packed a lunch and headed to Boo Boo’s Great Auntie Dorothy’s apartment:

Boo Boo the dragon and Auntie Dorothy

Once back home we met up with Dada, packed up yet another meal, and headed out to see Grandma, her decorations and some trick or treaters:

Boo Boo and Grandma look at Halloween decorations

…Of course Grandma had a few treats for Boo, too:

Opening Boo Boo's Halloween present

Family photo

The next morning we headed to Kemptville – not for anything related to Halloween – but considering the timing I couldn’t resist bringing Boo’s costume and showing it off to his Nana and Gramps:

Boo Boo the dragon smiling at Nana

So all in all Boo got some pretty decent mileage out of his Halloween costume. And though I was fighting off a cold (which I ultimately failed to do…sigh.), we had a fantastic and fun-filled couple of days pretending* to be a little monster and visiting with family.

* Yeah. Boo wasn’t pretending anything.


A (very) late post about Thanksgiving

So I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while. But apparently a baby that doesn’t sleep = a mama that doesn’t blog. At least it’s still (just barely) October.

As mentioned previously, we went to Kemptville for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Besides going for the BIG FAMILY DINNER, we were also there to celebrate Boo Boo’s first birthday with my parents. As expected, my mom did her part to continue with the Sesame Street theme:

Sesame Street and One year balloons

Boo playing with his balloons

Boo enjoyed his first ever experience with helium balloons…I don’t think he could figure out how they stayed afloat!

Cookie Monster puppet

Boo Boo’s Nana bought him a handmade Cookie Monster puppet. It’s been a big hit.

As for Thanksgiving dinner? It was delicious!

Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving table detail

The table setting was lovely. Unfortunately, I wasn’t seated at it – this was the “Over 50” table – and I was at the “everyone else with kids” table.

It was also hectic. There were 4 littles present (another on the way for my cousin!), so the husband and I spent a large majority of the time running after, or tending to Boo, as he crawled through people’s legs, “ran about” with his walker, and played alongside (if not with) his cousins:

Boo examine's A's dress

Boo was pretty obsessed with A’s dress – the stripes and the flowers proved irresistible. A was a VERY good sport about Boo Boo’s grabbiness….we felt like he might be coming on a little too strong, but A’s mama was of the opinion that it was good preparation for a little brother!

Boo Boo staring intently

Though you can’t see him, Boo is staring intently at his cousin O who’s far more skilled with the Mega Blocks (I love the look on his face!).

Dinner was equally hectic. Though Boo had his turkey before everyone else (the little guy gets so so so distracted, and with only 3 stubby little teeth, we didn’t expect him to eat from the table anyway), he still sat with us while we ate and practiced with his sippy cup:

Boo Boo holding his sippy cup

His older cousin O – already a master at drinking from a cup – thought he’d give himself a challenge and try a wine glass instead (which he’s also clearly mastered….we got that glass out of his hands before he managed to drink any of its contents!):

O tries to sip from a glass of wine

And since it was a birthday celebration, we of course had another Sesame Street birthday cake for Boo Boo – this time it was an Elmo cake! I’d made it about two weeks earlier, at the same time as his Cookie Monster cake, and then kept it in the freezer until Thanksgiving. I was worried about freezing a fully frosted cake, but it turned out just fine. The key was to fully freeze it (for about 4 hours) BEFORE wrapping it in cling wrap and aluminium foil….and then, of course, to unwrap it immediately upon removing it from the freezer to prevent any damage to the icing.

Me and my Elmo cake

Me and my masterpiece!

Elmo cake and other deserts

It was just one among many, many deserts. Obviously, it proved most popular with the littles. Not so much with the over 50 crowd ;)

Elmo cake

The Elmo cake in all its glory!

I’d really hoped that the red icing, combined with Boo Boo’s obsession with Elmo, would prove more enticing than the Cookie Monster cake. But nope. Boo couldn’t have cared less about my masterpiece. I trust I’ll get a difference reaction to cake by the time his next birthday rolls along.

So that was our Thanksgiving…as I’m obviously seriously behind on my holidays, you can imagine that my post on Boo Boo’s Halloween will be………..coming. At some point.


Abby Hill Farms Country Market (or that day Boo fondled a pumpkin)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend my mom and I took Boo Boo to the Abby Hill Farms Country Market to see some pumpkins. I didn’t expect too much of a reaction out of him, but basically wanted to plop the little man down in the midst of piles and piles of pumpkins and see what he would do. I wasn’t disappointed.

Boo Boo feeling his first pumpkin

Boo Boo and a pile of pumpkins

There were pumpkins everywhere….Orange ones, of course, but also white and grey ones.

Scream scarecrow in a pile of pumpkins


…and little pumpkins, pie pumpkins and gourds, gourds, gourds!

Mini pumpkins

Nana, Boo and a pumpkin

Multicoloured gourds

Boo mauling a gourd

In addition to the main attraction (the pumpkins, obviously), there were all sorts of activities for the littles. There was a corn sandbox, bales of hay to climb on, big John Deere tractors to investigate, a mini train to ride, a petting zoo, pony rides and a banjo-playing clown! Though Boo was still a little too little to enjoy most of them (he cried when we put him in the corn!), he did enjoy the clown and petting zoo:

Nana, Boo Boo and the banjo-playing clown

Nana and Boo at the petting zoo

A goat at the petting zoo

In addition to the pumpkins and activities, there was an actual farmer’s market with produce and flowers for sale. We picked up some tomatoes and brussel sprouts, as well as a few gourds for Boo:


Flowers at the market

It was a wonderful and sunny fall day!

Mama, Boo and Nana