Decor Dreams: Kitchen

In the grand scheme of things, I think my future kitchen worries me most. I have a very large desire to create a kitchen I love love love, in the hopes that it’ll inspire me to want to spend time in it, and even want to cook in it! (cooking isn’t exactly tops on my list of “good times”).

The kitchen also happens to be the room for which I have the least to work with. I have a table (a beautiful, lovely table). But that’s pretty much it…everything else I need to find, buy and/or do. Here’s where my thinking is headed:

  1. I want a happy, sunny kitchen…I think Benjamen Moore’s Little Dipper will give me just that, without being too harsh or bright.
  2. A little bit of inspirational artwork from Vol25…I’d like to include one of her home-themed prints somewhere…and where better than the heart of the house?
  3. In all of my imaginings, I never imagined a weird burgundy-pinkish countertop…so the one that’s currently installed is going to have to go. That being said, I don’t want to get too extravagant and blow my decorating budget on a granite countertop…I think this Butterum Granite laminate countertop looks quite nice. What’s more, its colouring is complementary to oak, which is what our cabinets are (and which will be staying as is…there are far too many of them to replace/alter).
  4. These are just some oak cabinets I threw in to serve as a colour guide, because as mentioned above, there are lots of ‘em in my future kitchen.
  5. I can’t recall what’s there now, but I figure I may very likely want to switch out boring cabinet knobs/handles with nicer ones. This is something I’ll probably really want to hunt around for, but something along the lines of this one from Anthropologie would suit me just fine.
  6. Chairs…..currently I’m using old nuns’ chairs from a closed convent. As much as I love them, and love their history, the fact of the matter is: they’re not very comfortable, nor are they suited for a dining room table (they’re just too low). My idea is to have a mishmash of chairs: I really like the idea of contrasting the old barn wood in my harvest table with modern chairs, like a ghost or fiberglass shell chair…and I don’t want to have any more than 2 of any particular type of chair (I’ll need 6 total).
  7. This is a swatch of my table….I love the colour, and all of its fantastic imperfections. It’s made from 100 year old barn wood.
  8. Dishes…I desperately need a set of at least 8 place settings that (and this is key) actually match. I need both everyday dishes, as well as “good” dishes…If I ever get married, “Chirp” dinnerware by Lenox will definitely be going on my registry to serve as the “good” ones (I’ve been coveting them for years…what I don’t covet is their price tag!).
  9. As you can see from my dinnerware choice, I’m thinking turquoise would be a great accent to butter yellow walls (truthfully, I think turquoise is a great accent to just about everything!). I’d love to have a Le Creuset Dutch oven in Caribbean blue.
  10. My biggest worries in the kitchen are the counter and backsplash…they’re items I’ve never had to shop for before, so leave me a little outside of my element. Do I even know how to pick them? Can I avoid making them too matchy-matchy? Can I install them myself? Can I even afford them?

    I dunno.

    What do you think? What would you do differently? Any and all comments welcome!

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Decor Dreams: Master Bedroom

While trying to fall asleep nights, I’ve been dreaming up how to decorate my future bedroom, rather than counting sheep:

  1. It’s funny how your taste changes as you get older. My first apartment was in a quirky little building called the “Ivanhoe” in the McGill ghetto in downtown Montreal. It was also pretty old, with original plumbing fixtures (separate hot and cold faucets), massive pulley windows, and a chandelier to light my one room. While I could live with the faucets, and the beautiful sunshine the windows let in…I couldn’t stand that chandelier. Which is why I find it somewhat ironic that a decade later, I dream of having a fairly similar one in my bedroom. Go figure.
  2. Paint: Benjamen Moore’s Sour Apple
  3. This ought to be my motto (just replace “pajamas” with “jogging pants”)! I want blue accents in the room, and this seemed a fun way to incorporate it into my mood board…Speaking of moods, I’m pretty tempted to buy Kris Atomic’s latest print, Chronic Bitchface (I fear I suffer from it).
  4. One of my most vivid dreams has been to use wallpaper *somewhere* for a statement wall. I’m leaning towards Graham & Brown’s “Darcy”. I like that it’s simple, elegant, and a little masculine all at the same time (the fact it brings Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy to mind doesn’t hurt, either).
  5. I will FINALLY hang my Design*Sponge jewellery bust! I made it shortly before we packed everything up and moved to the temporary apartment. It’s only ever seen the inside of a box.
  6. This is pretty close to a white bureau currently in storage in my parent’s barn. I intend to rescue it, and use it for jewellery, makeup, hair stuff, etc…
  7. I’ve already got this duvet set. Its main colours are a soft but happy yellow and green, and were the inspiration for my overall colour selections for the bedroom.
  8. IKEA’s Malm bureau…in fact, we’ve got two of them (doesn’t everyone have at least one piece of Malm bedroom furniture?). My current hope is that the closet is as big as I remember, so that I can hide one of them in it.

…and that’s where I’m at.

There’s still more to figure out, though:

  • The boy and I both need some sort of bedside table for lamps, alarm clocks, books, glasses of water, kleenex, remote controls…you name it.
  • The bed needs a headboard…we’re currently using just a plain metal frame for the bed, and it could use a little “something” extra (especially for when the pretty sheets/duvet cover are in the wash).
  • Both the boy and I are geeks, so we not only have a bedroom TV….we have a bedroom playstation…we’ll need to put them somewhere.

Any ideas?! I’m wide open to suggestions, so please feel free to share!

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A Photo A Day: April Highlights

April was a very full, hectic and stressful month. I missed my very first photo of the year (I was soo upset). Considering what was going on at the time, though, I’m not too surprised I was a little distracted. Oh well…

Here are a few highlights:

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Decor Dreams: Living Room

The boy and I are in the process of purchasing our first house…to say that I’m excited would be an understatement….to say that I’m obsessing about how we’re going to decorate it would be a monumental underestimation of my capacity to become completely, compulsively and continuously preoccupied with a particular subject.

Last Wednesday I wished that all of the jumbled up decorating ideas floating around in my head would actually come together at some point…during my few days of hibernation this weekend, I started creating mood boards to help in that process.

Today I’m sharing my ideas for the living room:

1. Hanging world map – I’ve already got this beauty! It was a gift from my mother-in-law after she discovered how much I love maps.

2. A tribute to my favourite film “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” – two Michael Sowa prints. To find: a couple of thrifted frames to protect them.

3. Desired paint colour: Behr’s Cucumber Crush

4. My blue IKEA couch (with a scan of the fabric swatch). To find: Pretty doilies to stitch on to one arm to camouflage my cats’ handiwork.

5. Persian-type rug…inherited by the boy ages ago from (ummm…) someone (!).

6. Stacked vintage suitcases (to hide/store blankets, unused video/gaming cables and paraphernalia, etc)…I have my eye on a few that my mom currently has in the barn back home.

7. My big-ticket item for the room…an arc floor lamp to put behind the corner of the couch, and arc over the coffee table (which we’ve already got, and is boring, and so not included in my mood board!).

What do you think? Does it have potential? Or am I headed for disaster? Any other ideas I could incorporate?

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