Please Don’t Ask

Though it’s surely some strange and bizarre coincidence, it always ALWAYS seems to happen. Someone will very innocently ask how Boo is sleeping, wondering if he sleeps through the night….and I cringe. It’s not that I don’t want to answer. Talking about sleep is, after all, the parenting equivalent of talking about the weather.

And you’d think I’d be eager to boast about my very excellent sleeper (well, excellent once he’s asleep sleeper). Only I’m not. I don’t want to talk about it at all. Ever. Because though Boo will typically sleep through most nights, as soon as someone asks about his sleep….he won’t. He’ll wake up repeatedly. Or wake up and take forever to get back to sleep. Or just be impossible to get to bed in the first place. Or some combination thereof. It is extremely frustrating.

Boo in bed

I therefore prefer not to tempt fate, and to just not talk about it to anyone other than my husband. I’ve actually banned my mother and mother-in-law from asking any questions about Boo’s sleep….and they’re both mostly managing to hold their tongues on this topic (it’s much appreciated ladies!).

So if you’re reading this post, and you’re likely to talk, text, email or FaceBook me….please….I know you’re trying to be nice and show interest in what is obviously a huge part of my life. But it’s not necessary. Please don’t ask.

Please note that I am very much aware that Boo’s current good sleeping habits are likely to end at a moment’s notice…or when he finally starts teething. But for now, I’m enjoying them. In silence.

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I love Sesame Street (1)

One of the best parts of having a baby is the justification it gives you for consuming children’s entertainment. I mean…even if the little one is in bed, I have to verify the content and determine at what age it’ll be appropriate for him to watch or listen to it. Right? RIGHT?

It’s become a tradition for Boo and I to listen to music during meals. I do talk to him, but I just can’t carry on a one-sided conversation for that long. So we listen…I sing along…and we I talk about the songs. Our My favourites to listen to are Sesame Street. They’re cute, humorous and often have a positive message.

Here’s one of our my favourites that we’ve been listening to:

God I love Grover! This one actually gets me laughing out loud….”Maybe my ears are on backward!” I love it! Who’s your favourite Sesame Street character?

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Lately No. 1

Here’s a little peak into what’s been happening around the house these days:

Mama playing with Boo Boo

Boo has been learning how to open his pop-up toy, rather than just close it.


We’ve been playing the xylophone – Boo’s getting pretty good at hitting the actual keys, and I’ve DOUBLED my musical repertoire!!
(So yeah…I learned a second song).

Boo getting into the cupboards

Boo Boo has been exploring the kitchen cupboards – he’s a big fan of pulling out the tupperware and fondling the pasta.

Boo playing with the curtains

It’s always fun to play in the curtains! (or under scarves, blankets, towels, you name it)

Mama's feet

I got to wear pants during a recent cold snap – the first hint of Fall was in the air! Ok ok….LEGGINGS are not pants, I know. But these ones from ZIBtextile are just awesome. (Oh, and thanks to Photoshop it’s not so obvious that that carpet desperately needed vacuuming! Hurrah for technology!)

Boo Boo and Scout

Boo Boo remains devoted to his pal Scout.

Apart from a few walks to the park and playing in the backyard, we haven’t been getting out of the house too much these days. We’ve been working on improving Boo’s napping and so I’ve been trying to keep his days as simple and consistent as possible, so that I can get him to sleep as soon as he shows signs of fatigue.

Even though we’ve been sticking close to home, our days still feel pretty full! Boo Boo is an active little boy who makes the rounds between playing (and getting into trouble) in the living room, kitchen, his bedroom, my bedroom and, when he can sneak in, the bathroom (it gets slippery very easily in there AND has a ceramic step which I fear he’ll fall onto…I think it’s the only room in which I feel overprotective….plus he’s always trying to get his hands into the toilet, which is just gross).

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My clumsy climbing baby

When Boo first started pulling himself up onto his knees and then to his feet, he was bad at it. He fell. He fell whole lot, and I just wasn’t able to catch him all of the time (ok, most of the time – I’m not a helicopter parent shadowing his every move). But, with practice he got a whole lot better and I sort of got used to not hearing that awful thunk, followed by a very loud wail.

Until my little guy decided he wanted to start climbing. Turns out he’s pretty good at it.

Boo climbing his Snug Seat

Boo climbing his bouncer

What he isn’t so good at, though, is getting down. His general strategy appears to be:

1) climb something
2) bounce on it, if possible
3) wiggle until turned completely around
4) lunge face first to the ground
5) hit ground (thunk)
6) cry very loudly

It’s made for an interesting couple of days. Boo has accumulated multiple bruises on his forehead, and I’ve accumulated a whole pile of guilt for every time I haven’t been able to save him (which I do manage on occasion).

Oh baby :(

(I had considered including a photo of the red spot/bruise resulting from his first big fall (which I took to show Boo’s daddy)….until I realized it might not be a good idea to photographically immortalize my total mummy fail on the Internet forever.)

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Excuse me while I trash my blog…

Please note that I am performing some pretty major updates to the look and content of Modern Rags. During this time I may actually break the site….please come back later when things are looking a little more in order. It shouldn’t be too long presuming my little one keeps to a regular napping schedule. If not, it may take a little longer than planned.

Thanks for your patience!

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