Type Tuesdays: Elastic Font

When I initially came across the title “Elastic Font” my first thought was: a font that looks like elastics? But (thankfully) no…it’s far more interesting and imaginative than that.

Jenny Kyvik Hutchens created this impressive project for Oslo’s Westerdals School of Communication. Using a grid system she used elastics to create each letter by hand, and then vectorized her alphabet:

I love imaginative typefaces, and the fact that this one is made out of an everyday object (rather than looking like it) makes it far more interesting.

Also fun, and mildly related to typography is another of Jenny’s projects…Talking Shit (it’s worth a look!)

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Home Sweet Home

I’ve been MIA for awhile…but I’m happy to report that I am *finally* free and clear of the peach-coloured temporary apartment and living in my very own home. MY OWN HOME!

Well, mine, my boy’s and the bank’s. Everything about it feels pretty awesome (if not a little overwhelming).

Admittedly, it took awhile to get all of the necessities set up, including internet (big fiasco, which included our [now former] internet provider actually performing the hook-up on the wrong address). So we switched providers, and are officially up and running.

There’s still lots to do, of course…we’ll be painting room-by-room, so don’t want to get things too settled only to pull it all apart again…and then, of course there are fixtures and decorations and so much more to sort out.

Stay tuned.

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Friday I’m in Love: Bicycles

I haven’t had a bike for a really long time…and truthfully, for most of my adulthood I haven’t really wanted one. I just couldn’t see myself riding it in downtown Montreal, battling for my right not to get run over (and possibly slamming into parked cars as I attempt to do so).

But now that I’m moving to a slightly less busy area of the city, I find myself dreaming of a bicycle….not a mountain bike or racer, mind you. I want a city bike, that doesn’t necessarily have speed, but that’ll allow me to ride upright, and take in my surroundings.

Oh, and in my dreams, my bike is pretty (and maybe has a basket and some tassels on the handlebars). Here are a couple I’ve got my eye on:

The Public J7 in bright orange

The Holymoly lady’s solo by CreamCycle (love that name!)

Globe’s Daily 3 step thru bike in blue-grey

Linus Bikes’ Dutchie 3 in cream

Abici’s classic Italian Granturismo city bike – in special edition Kate Spade green!

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Decor Dreams: Office

I think it goes without saying that I’ll be spending a lot of time in my home office…between computer use and crafting, it’ll be a very important room. Besides enjoying spending time in it, I want it to inspire me.

I also want to have a space for everything: my computer, my beading supplies, my sewing machine, my scrapbooking stuff, whatever…all in the hopes that if it has a place, I can keep it there and keep it organized….rather than creating a great big mess…(which I am very prone to do).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Ivar shelving unit from IKEA…I bought two of these way back for my first apartment…they’ve since been painted white, but I’m going to refresh them once more and paint them red.
  2. I love love love chalkboard walls. I’m going to paint a full wall in chalkboard paint, and use it to attempt to organize myself, and for fun.
  3. Behr’s Embellished Blue
  4. I’ve always got tons of little papers, cut outs and ephemera hanging around that I either need, or can’t bear to get rid of just yet…in lieu of, or maybe in addition to, a corkboard, I’d like to hang a series of clipboards on the wall for fast and easy access, without putting holes in anything.

  5. Ikea’s Forsa work lamp for my desk. I’ve already picked this up….because I can’t remember what kind of lighting is in the room (I seem to think it may be wall-mounted rather than ceiling-mounted), I’m not dreaming too much about the main lights.
  6. A table…or a desk….or both. I need two dedicated workspaces so I’m not always having to move everything: one for my computer and one for my crafts. I’ve already got my eye on a vintage desk that’s currently in storage at my in-laws…and until I find something else to serve as my second workspace, I’ll keep my Ikea worktable.
  7. Ron Burns’ Toby…back when I worked at a search engine one of my co-workers had ordered this print for his wife…only to discover that the seller had cropped off the names of the artist and of the piece…I can’t recall if it was due to laziness, or because maybe they were advertisers on our website, but they sent him a new one without requiring the return of the old one….which I got (for free!). I like the bright use of colours.
  8. A quilt…this one is from Anthropologie, but if I can find a handmade one in the right colours, I’d prefer it. Why do I need a quilt in my home office? Because I’ll be setting up a spare bed in there…it’s a single/twin that I just can’t bear to get rid of (it’s just too comfy). I’ll dress it up as a daybed, and use it for reading and naps with my cat!

Is it wrong that I’m *soo* excited about my new office?!

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Type Tuesdays: Type Camp

Ever since my boy went to guitar camp in Alaska two years ago (he’s headed back this fall), I’ve been looking for my own theme getaway. I’ve considered bead or craft cruises, sewing courses, and even cooking classes, but I’ve never been able to really convince myself that I’m interested enough to commit to an actual theme vacation.

Just when I was ready to give up the idea for good, I came across Type Camp. Type Camp? Hello, I think I might be in love…Type is definitely something I could commit to.

While I might like to participate in camps in Rome, Weimar (Germany) or India, I’m particularly drawn to California where discussions, lessons, and workshops are led by world-renowned instructors who “…help you to become a better typographer and a better designer. By day, we’ll have typography workshops and by evening, we’ll stroll through the rolling hills of California wine-country…”

[ This years’ California Type Camp will be held at Dancing Deer Farm, pictured above ]

Ummm…A beautiful location, type and wine? Sign me up!

Unfortunately, this year’s California camp is just a little too soon to arrange, especially considering my upcoming move…it’s a shame, but at least now I know about it…and as cartoons from my childhood stated: knowing is half the battle.

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