Blog Award & 7 Random Things (About Me!)

The last couple of weeks or so have been an absolute flurry of stress and activity…studying for exams, taking exams, making offers and counter-offers on a house, getting a mortgage approval with one bank…ditching them and going with another one. It’s been hectic, to say the least.

Which is why I’m a little late thanking the wonderful Deja from Atomic Chic! for bestowing upon me the I Love This Blog award! Thank you so much Deja! Please check out Deja’s blog, if you haven’t already – she’s got great taste, great fashion, and great inspiration!

As the recipient of this honour, however, I now have certain responsibilities. There are rules if you’re tagged with the I Love This Blog award, and they are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 random bits about yourself
3. Pass the award on to a few of your favourite blogs
(And don’t forget to let them know!)

So, without further ado, I love the following blogs/tumblrs:

Blue Eyed Freckle by Katie
❤ interiors porn by…to tell you the truth, I’m not sure (!)
Happiness Is… by Shannon

And now for a few random bits about me…

Seven Random Things About Andrea

Were those random enough? Hope so…and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! I had fun trying to decide what to share, and putting it all together.

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A Photo A Day: March Highlights

….and finally, here are some of my favourite photos from March:

Phew! I’m all caught up!

[ Can you believe I already can’t wait to compile April and May’s highlights? I have no idea what sort of photos I’ll end up with, but I know a bunch of ‘em will be in ITALY! Can’t wait!! ]

UPDATE: Blast it….I’m going to have to wait. The trip’s been canceled…I guess my fantastic photo-a-day vacation shots are just going to have to wait.


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Loot Bags

Do you remember birthday parties way back when? You went to someone’s party, brought them a gift, and got a loot bag in return…more often than not, you got it only when you left the party, allowing you to prolong the sugar rush and excitement of the day long after you got home.

Thinking about it, it seemed a fair trade. A very simple social contract of “give and take” with the knowledge that eventually it’d be your turn to receive the gifts, and in return, give away your own excellent loot bags.

[ image source ]

Having no kids of my own, I haven’t really thought about loot bags much (except that I can’t even fathom what our parents did to fill them before dollar stores). Until recently, that is.

One of my boy’s aunts loves to give away loot bags (though I’m not sure she’d call them that…I haven’t actually met her yet). Like this one my boy and I received for Easter:

As you can see, these are no ordinary loot bags….they’re a *little* larger than the ones you might expect from a birthday party, and filled with far more varied (and mostly more grown-up) items, wrapped up in pretty boxes, bags, and tissue paper.

Unfortunately, everything was unwrapped long before I could snap a photo…but here are the contents of this years’ Easter loot:

Starting at the top left: Easter bunny clips; two mini bird vases; pretty yellow fake flowers; a fridge magnet pad and pen (featuring cardinals); matching cardinal napkins; a magnetized vase (or pen holder); a “Happy Easter” sign; Laura Secord Easter egg; super cute pink bird notebook; floral tissue paper; cat key hook, homemade marmalade, and a small cat wallet…and the reusable bag, of course!

So much fun! Thanks a bunch, Aunt P.!

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Type Tuesdays: Periodic Table of Typefaces

I think the fact that I’m a graphic, web and user interaction designer probably speaks volumes about my knowledge (or at least my retention) of the periodic table of elements as presented in high school chemistry (ummm….zilch). And my interest in revisiting that subject? (you guessed it…none whatsoever.)

But I’m starting to think maybe the periodic table of elements is just the wrong periodic table for me. I need one that’s a little more pertinent to my life and interests. Something kinda like….say, a periodic table of typefaces. Like this:

Created by Cam Wilde, and available via the Behance Network, the periodic table of typefaces lists 100 of the most popular, influential and “notorious” typefaces around, each including the typeface name, a one or two character “symbol”, the designer, year designed, and a ranking of 1 through 100.

Find out more about the project here, or jump straight to the massive jpeg for a crisp and clean view of the whole table.

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