My Christmas Tree Surprise

After reading about our lack of Christmas decorations a few days ago, my sweetie boyfriend surprised me by rummaging through our disaster-area spare room (stacked with boxes) to find his old tree…

His mom got the tree for him some time ago (long before we moved in together)…it’s just a simple little tree, only about 2 feet tall, without any decorations other than a Bart Simpson topper:

But you know what? It’s all I needed….thank you, Stuart, for bringing a little Christmas spirit into our home! (even if it is only temporary, and a complete disaster area)

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Friday I’m in Love: Pink Christmas

I didn’t put up any Christmas decorations in my temporary apartment…I think the mere idea of unnecessarily unpacking (and then re-packing) boxes was just too much to bear…so I left the decorations alone in their boxes, and decided instead that I would just look at decorations instead. Pretty pink ones.

Here’s how the French do a pink Christmas. Beautifully. Photos by The Cherry Blossom Girl at Les Galleries Lafayette last year.

A little vintage pink by GeorgiaPeachez:

And finally, the beautiful stylings of Danielle Thompson’s utterly gorgeous house and Christmas decorations from her blog, Thompson Family Life (find the posts, and more amazing pictures here and here):


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Type Tuesdays: “T” Shirts

Apparently type isn’t just something used to put together words and sentences anymore, nor to create beautiful typographic layouts…for Masashi Kawamura and Itaru Yonenaga it’s also something you wear.

They’ve taken the idea of the iconic T-Shirt one step further, and made actual “T” shirts designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces: Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.

Now this is fashion I could get into:

I think I’ve died and gone to type heaven. You can see the full line-up here, gain a little insight into how Masashi approached the project, and even learn a little about how you might get your hands on your own “T” Shirt in the new year.

[ found via Happiness Is... ]

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San Marco: A Pretty Gurl Bijoux Prototype

To celebrate the opening of a new store a few months ago, my favourite bead store had a 50% off sale on everything at all of their locations (they seem to be doing quite well for themselves and are now up to six locations in and around Montreal).

I took it as an opportunity to buy supplies I wouldn’t normally purchase, for projects I really wasn’t sure would work out. Among my purchases were a whole pile of flat metallic filigree-type discs which I envisioned connecting together in some way, creating a breast plate, of sorts…truthfully, my vision wasn’t too clear at the time.

Here’s what I came up with:

Not quite a breast plate…it’s not dense enough, but it is still quite a large piece…interspersed with the gold-coloured metal discs are bright blue and metallic crystal tyre beads.

The chains are a hodgepodge of old and new gold and gold-ish chains, put together with a vintage clasp bought from Black Tulip Designs at last year’s bead expo in Montreal:

I’ve christened this piece “San Marco” after St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice which is just filled with gold mosaics, interspersed with beautiful glints of colour…as far as new designs are concerned, I think it’ll be a beautiful addition to my Byzantium collection.

What do you think? Could you see a piece like this, or similar, fitting into your wardrobe?

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