Friday I’m in Love: Instant Photos

When I was a kid, my grandparents gave me a beautiful pink and grey Polaroid Cool Cam. I loved it. I was also terrified of using it, because at that age I couldn’t really afford the film…so it became a very precious commodity to be rationed and used, well, very infrequently.

But I loved the immediate gratification of instant photography, which I think still has an edge over digital photos…because with an instant photograph, not only is it instant (!), it’s instantly tangible.

So….this week’s Friday I’m in Love is dedicated to the instant photo.

Once upon a time, I was the proud owner of one of these (somewhat cumbersome) Polaroid Cool Cams…truth be told…it was kind of huge.

Which is why I’m loving the 21st century’s answer to instant cameras: the Instax Mini by Fujifilm (there are non-mini versions, too…but I like the idea of “mini”). This cute little camera remains small and portable (unlike some of its early predecessors…see above), and ups the cute factor by taking adorable credit card sized photos – instantly!

Gratuitous beerfest photo taken by Norbert Hohmann at this years’ Oktoberfest in Munich:

Over at Smile and Wave, Rachel Denbow has an ever changing wall of clipboards that she tries to update monthly…I caught the following photo on one of her guest posts on Under the Sycamore where…you guessed it…she’s ingeniously incorporated mini instax photos into her collage of clippings. Love the shot in the top left corner, where she’s got her instax face on top of someone else’s body.

If you love the look, but don’t have an instant camera, nor the inclination to buy film…then you need to get Maxmilian Jaenicke (a.k.a. rawimage)’s polaroid generator Photoshop actions…then all your digital photos can at least look like instant photos. Grab version one, or his most recent version two on Deviant Art.

One last instax mini photo entitled Red Slide, by Andreina Schoeberlein:


Type Tuesdays: Write a Bike

I almost thought I wasn’t going to have a post this Tuesday…I’m tired, and just wasn’t feeling too inspired. Until I came across this on Poppytalk:

HOLY %$@#!!!

Swiss Art Director Juri Zaech lives and works in Paris…and is currently working on a way to make these bikes a reality (or, at the very least, a prototype).

First…this is such a freaking cool idea…

Second…when do you ever see the name Andrea used in a prototype or example for anything? Never…which automatically makes me love this idea for using my name (in one of my favourite colours, no less), as an ideal example for this awesome concept!!

See Juri’s entry on the Behance Network for more photos (using different names), and to show your appreciation for this typographic cycling genius (just click a button to vote for him!).


Paper Frames DIY from Design*Sponge

So I’m a few days late coming across this, but I love the idea, and wanted to share (it’s right up my alley, and really complements my recent desire to decorate walls, as expressed here).

What’s best about these paper frames (besides the fact that they’re super cute): you can make them with whatever you’ve got on hand (like paper grocery bags or even newspaper)…which means if you mess up…who cares? Just throw your failed attempt in the recycling bin and try again. Visit Design*Sponge for the full how to.


Show & Tell: Tatsuko

Since I haven’t been crafting much of late, I thought I’d share what others have crafted…and which I have purchased (and love).

Welcome to the first installment of “Show & Tell” dedicated to local Montrealer Sandra Tatsuko, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a very rainy Marché La Récré sometime in late August (I think). Specializing in Japanese inspired jewellery including some very adorable sushi jewellery, and beautiful paper goods, her primary materials are polymer clay and gorgeous chiyogami paper.

Having a thing for blue and green, I immediately fell in love with her Blue Blooms earrings with gold accents. So I bought them. They’re pretty, lightweight, and just the right size to be seen and appreciated, but not in the way.

To see more of Tatsuko’s beautiful Japanese-inspired creations, you can visit her shop, or if you’re a local (or from Edmonton!), check her out at a local holiday craft show…visit her blog for details.


Friday I’m in Love

As a woman, I feel absolutely no need to excuse this week’s list of loves…shoes, shoes, shoes. As a slightly non-traditional woman, however, I might need to excuse the absence of any form of heel in the following list – I’m not much of a heel person (which is surprising, really, considering how short I am).

I came across these beauties yesterday, and almost ordered a pair immediately….maybe it’s because my current slippers are in bad shape, or because I think the pattern will make me look taller….who knows. I like ’em. Made by Gypsy05, the high Gypsyz slipper-boot comes in a number of patterns, colours, and heights…Oh, and in case my boyfriend is reading: these would be lovely to pull on Christmas morning (I wear a size 6).

There’s just something about spirocreations‘ handmade footwear in Gold Deer leather that always leaves me pining. Which is odd, because yellow usually isn’t my colour (but apparently this yellow is). This time I’m craving after their soft leather mukluks. I can imagine myself all snug and warm, running through powder white snow in these beautiful boots…and feel a distinct need to curse Montreal’s slushy winters which would destroy them.

Darlingtonia is another maker of beautiful handcrafted footwear that leaves me wobbly in the knees. Like these Red and Brown Morning Star Moccasins with a gorgeous touch of turquoise on the inside. They’re everything a girl could ever want in a pair of pretty, casual and comfortable shoes. Check out more of Darlingtonia’s soft-soled moccasins in her shop.

A little less girly, but equally casual, are Toms Shoes… Not only do I dig the bright touches of orange on their Poe slip-on, but I love the way the patterned fabric has been pieced together, so that it’s not all oriented in the same direction. What’s even better: for every pair of Toms Shoes sold, the company will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

And no list would be complete (at least for me) without a pair of sneakers…and this particular pair fills another void in my list: they’re red (try as I might, I’ve yet to find a pair of really great red shoes). So maybe these Red, Silver and White KangaROOS will do the trick by merging two shoe loves together.