Mummy’s little zombie

As mentioned previously (and it feels like constantly) Boo’s sleep has been, shall we say, total crap. I’ve been blaming it on teething and the fact that he’s been working on something big.

Real big.

Like walking:

He started off sticking his arms straight out in front of him for balance, making him look kind of like a zombie….but since then he’s been practicing and practicing. Now his arms are kind of all over the place (sometimes in front of him, sometimes over his head, sometimes kinda flailing around), and the distances are getting to be so impressive.

So proud of him!


I love Sesame Street (5)

Boo has been having a few really terrible nights. So awful that I’m sometimes spending 4 or 5 hours in his room with him, trying to soothe and comfort him and get him the f**k back to sleep (yeah, yeah….it sounds harsh, but after 4 hours of trying to get someone to go to sleep so YOU can go to sleep? you’ll stop sugar coating too).

Anyway. As far as I can tell, he’s working on some premolars or molars, or something big. It’s a (very small) consolation.

On those days when I’m just so so tired, and completely out of steam by say…..4pm, I’ve been relying on my good ol’ friends on Sesame Street to make it through ’til dinnertime. Sometimes we’ll watch full episodes on Netflix, but more often than not we watch shorter clips on YouTube so I can better tailor them to Boo’s interests (my boy likes songs the most).

Found the following Pentatonix Counts (and Sings) to Five clip recently, and loved it:

Since then, I’ve perused more of Pentatonix’ offerings on Google Play….only to discover that while I’m amazed at the sounds they can make with their voices (love the guy with the low low voice), I’m kind of meh about their actual songs. Is it weird that I was hoping for more a Sesame Street-ish sound?


Lately No. 9

So we’ve been taking it easy the last few weeks and kind of lying low.

The holidays were, of course, both hectic and full of family. We visited with in-laws before Christmas, and then spent Christmas proper in Kemptville with my folks. Boo Boo was spoiled rotten on all fronts….thankfully I don’t think he realizes it yet. We’re going to have to be extra careful on that moving forward, though.

To help prevent him being completely overwhelmed with new stuff, I’ve been holding some of it back, and introducing one or two new items as I put some of his old/less played with toys away. Needless to say, that even with that strategy, my house is a total mess. I mean a real disaster area….because in addition to toys and books, Boo is into everything. Drawers, cupboards, closets, baskets….whatever item man has contrived to put and store objects in, Boo has become determined to empty.


Anyway…in light of the fact that it is now mid-January, I will spare you the Christmas re-cap. Here’s what else has been happening lately:

Andrea clearing snow off the cedars

We got a whole pile of snow…a huge wet and heavy snowfall. Our new cedars looked sad and bent….so I went out to shake ’em off.

Boo Boo not enjoying the snow

After that same snowfall, we dressed Boo Boo up in his snowsuit and brought him outside to experience deep snow for the first time. He wasn’t impressed, and generally had a look of alarm the whole time.

Mama and Boo looking at a book

Mama reading a book to Boo

Remember way back when I was hoping and dreaming my little man would take an interest in books? My prayers have been answered….he LOVES them. He particularly loves grabbing his book (or two) du jour and dragging it over, climbing on my lap, and then pointing at it (i.e. “Read lady!”). He’s not so great at listening just yet….I generally have to make up an abridged version of everything before he turns the page (quickly and roughly….we’re sticking to soft and board books for now).

Boo emptying the groceries

You know how I said Boo is into emptying things? Sometimes it proves helpful….here he is helping me unpack his groceries (yes….BABY FOOD….my little man still thinks I’m trying to poison him with table food).

Boo Boo relaxing on the table

…and while Boo doesn’t want to eat table food, he’s desperate to physically get up onto the table at all times. I generally manage to keep him off it at home…but in Kemptville when there’s an adult on each side to keep him from falling off? We’re a little more lax.

Boo looking out the window

Boo under the curtains

The little man has also become obsessed with windows and curtains….he wants to look out the window (smush his face up and down the window….ugh….), bang on the window, peek out the window….and then play in the curtains….running behind them, playing peek-a-boo, crawling under them…hours of entertainment and pure joy without any expensive toys….just my window treatments.

Ice on a branch

You know all that snow above? It melted. All of it. Then it rained….and made going anywhere treacherous.

Boo smiling

Just because he’s a cutie here….if you want a guaranteed smile, just say “ho ho ho” in a deep voice. Works every time.

Boo drinking from a cup

And this happened….actually, we discovered Boo could drink out of a cup by accident, when he picked up the hubby’s forgotten glass glass (eeeeep!) off the coffee table and started drinking out of it on his own….I heard something funny (I heard him putting the glass down between gulps) and came to investigate….and the little man giggled like you wouldn’t believe! Anyway. He’s a bit messy at it, but it’s a definite start!

….and I think that’s probably enough pictures of my son for today. More to come as I try to get my blogging ass back in gear!


I Photoshop my baby

I’ll be the first to admit it….Boo isn’t always, shall we say….photo ready? Before he was eating solids he always seemed to have crap on his face. Dry skin. Eye gunk. Milk (I had a pretty heavy let-down for awhile there).

Now I’m regularly discovering food on his face from his last meal that somehow escaped the facecloth. He has this annoying habit of jabbing himself in the face with his fingernails, causing little cuts and scabs. And since he’s taken to sticking his fingers up his nose during meals…well, he’s often got food up there (among the odd bat in the cave).

And as cute as all of this “real life” can be….sometimes I just want a nice picture of my little boy so that I can print it up, make a photo book, or a calendar. You know, without the dry skin, or eye gunk, or pasta sauce.

So I photoshop him.

I Photoshop my Baby

I don’t go completely crazy, but I get rid of all the crap on his face. I sharpen up the photo. I lighten it. I tweak the contrast. I warm it up or cool it down. I adjust the colouring if Boo is looking too red or too jaundiced…or maybe I make those big blue eyes pop a little more.

Do I photoshop all of my photos? If they’re being printed or used on my blog…absolutely. I always do a minimum adjustment to better the brightness or contrast of all my “published” photos. Do I correct all of my photos? No. I tend to be rather selective in that respect (I’ll leave the food on his face, but will absolutely photoshop out the snot…it’s just gross). And it always depends on what the photo is destined for.

No matter what I do, though, I always always always keep a copy of the original so that, one day in the distant future, I don’t look back exclusively upon those Photoshopped versions and forget what a mess my kid was!


My Christmas Wish List

So I’ve got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. I’m not finished, but I think I can kind of sort of see the finish line. Maybe. I’ve got a few more things to pick up for Boo Boo, and one or two additional items for family. I don’t know what those items are yet. That’s the tricky part.

In an effort to make things less tricky for those shopping for me (!), I actually have a Christmas list this year. It’s not a huge list….not all items on it are particularly practical to buy as a gift…but it’s a list all the same. Here it is, in case you’re curious, or are looking for ideas for your own lists:


Blog Life | A Beautiful Mess
This is an online course about…you guessed it! Blogging. I’ve been following A Beautiful Mess for a few years now…long before sisters Elsie and Emma turned it into a million dollar business. They could probably teach me a few tricks. (Bonus: I qualify for a discount due to a past course subscription…so I’ll probably be buying this for myself).

Fillmore in Redwood Ash | Warby Parker
I’ve mentioned these glasses previously – so at least I’m consistent. I love that they’re practically tortoise shell, but with a little kick of red. Obviously, since I’m blind, I’d kinda like them with my prescription…extra thin lenses, too, so I don’t look like I have coke bottles on my face (do people still get that reference? please tell me yes…otherwise I feel so so old).

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling |
Though I’d seen her in The Office, I only really discovered Mindy Kaling recently when I started watching The Mindy Project on Netflix. It’s awesome. Laugh out loud funny. So cute. I kinda fell in love with her, and could use a little Mindy humour while I wait for the next season.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler |
I love Amy Poehler. I think she’s smart, funny, and extremely talented. I desperately want to read this book.

iPhone 6 | Apple
So my iPhone 4 is feeling….dated. It’s slow. Apps optimized for much faster phones run slowly. The camera is somewhat lacking (it’s why I’ve basically stopped using it – the crummy quality of the pictures it takes depresses me). I need an upgrade. The only thing that’s been holding me back is the “new” minimum monthly spend all of the phone companies now have in order to get it and other “Plus” devices. I’ll eventually just suck it up and do it. But until I do…it’s on my list.

Mammoth Evo Clogs | Crocs
I feel bad about this entry on my list. I got a new pair of slippers last year from my in-laws. Slippers I’d picked out. And they fit great and were comfortable. Until the wooly insides got compressed. Suddenly they were a little too big…and the heels? They never really broke in or got malleable, and consequently rip my ankles up. Not great. So I’ve been eyeing the Crocs my husband was gifted last year…when he first received them, he confided to me that he “despised Crocs, and would never ever wear them because they looked ridiculous”….except they happened to be really comfortable, and he wears them all of the time. So yeah. I’d like to give ’em a shot.

Handwriting Name Rings | Silver Promo
The author of one of my favourite blogs wears a series of name rings instead of her wedding band. Each ring has the name of one of her children, and her husband. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the idea and started plotting how and when I could get my own set (to wear on my right hand, though…I love my engagement and wedding rings too much to supplant them). SPOILER ALERT: I’m totally getting these rings.