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What we’re reading in May

So….it’s still May for a few more hours.

This month I treated myself to a book I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time. It’s come highly recommended all over the place, and I’ve wished for it here and here hoping someone might get the hint. Nobody did. So I finally bought Amy Poehler’s Yes Please for myself to bring on vacation to Florida:

Amy Poehler's Yes Please

It was a heavy book to bring along, but whatever. We weren’t exactly packing light, anyway.

And would you believe that I actually found the time to read? Spending all of that time in our condo for Boo’s naps afforded me the time to sit out on the balcony and read, while sipping juice (a beer or rum punch would have probably been far more satisfying, but alas…..pregnant). At night, while the hubby put on terrible reality shows like River Monsters, I read some more. It felt great.

And the book? It’s actually a rather strange book…but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s part memoir, part advice column, part comedy act, and part something I can’t quite put my finger on. I discovered there’s much more to Amy Poehler than SNL and Parks and Recreation (which I kind of knew already since I’d discovered Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls), but this book helped pin that down.

Part of that “something” was her motto for women, in general: “Good for her! Not for me.” No matter your choice – to have children or not, how to have your children, how to feed your children, how to raise your children, whether to work or not, etc., there’s no need for comparison. “Good for her! Not for me.”

In the book Amy comes across as genuine, mostly down to earth, intelligent, and funny.

It was a great and easy read.

Sandra Boynton's The Going to Bed Book

Boo has (finally?) started to lose interest in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Don’t get me wrong – he still loves it – but he’s added a few new books to our rotation, including Sandra Boynton’s The Going to Bed Book. It’s a cute, and (very) short read, which makes it a perfect bedtime story, that leaves us both satisfied.


Friday I’m in Love: Comfort

So the weather outside is frightful….at least it’s been mostly frightful. Either bitter cold (I believe those were the exact words used on The Weather Network the other day – bitter cold), or snowing like crazy. And though I don’t particularly mind the snowing part (it looks very pretty), it can make getting around a real hassle, especially when you drive a Toyota Echo.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Erica. I’ve had her since 2005 and she still does a great job getting me from points A to B in most weather. But I’ve become spoiled driving the hubby’s Outback, so no matter how well my little car manages, she just doesn’t compare to all-wheel-drive (she is far cuter, though).

But I digress.

The crappy weather makes me want to just throw on some comfy clothes, curl up in an armchair (I don’t believe we own an armchair, but whatever), drink gallons of tea (ideally it’d be caffeinated), and read a good book.

Friday I'm in Love – Comfort

denim overalls | newton eyeglasses in aurelia tortoise | double layered top | knitted knot necklace | Yes Please | tea-rex mug

I realize, of course, that I haven’t had the figure to wear overalls since I was about 14….especially that particular $550 pair from Madewell. But the feeling of overalls is what I’m going for here. You know. No waist. And who’s to say my comfy ensemble couldn’t include a comfy knitted (and toddler friendly) necklace? And beautiful glasses? (How else am I supposed to read?) And that awesome awesome top? (Seriously…go take a look at AryaSense…she makes some beautiful – and comfy looking – stuff.)


My Christmas Wish List

So I’ve got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. I’m not finished, but I think I can kind of sort of see the finish line. Maybe. I’ve got a few more things to pick up for Boo Boo, and one or two additional items for family. I don’t know what those items are yet. That’s the tricky part.

In an effort to make things less tricky for those shopping for me (!), I actually have a Christmas list this year. It’s not a huge list….not all items on it are particularly practical to buy as a gift…but it’s a list all the same. Here it is, in case you’re curious, or are looking for ideas for your own lists:


Blog Life | A Beautiful Mess
This is an online course about…you guessed it! Blogging. I’ve been following A Beautiful Mess for a few years now…long before sisters Elsie and Emma turned it into a million dollar business. They could probably teach me a few tricks. (Bonus: I qualify for a discount due to a past course subscription…so I’ll probably be buying this for myself).

Fillmore in Redwood Ash | Warby Parker
I’ve mentioned these glasses previously – so at least I’m consistent. I love that they’re practically tortoise shell, but with a little kick of red. Obviously, since I’m blind, I’d kinda like them with my prescription…extra thin lenses, too, so I don’t look like I have coke bottles on my face (do people still get that reference? please tell me yes…otherwise I feel so so old).

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling | Amazon.ca
Though I’d seen her in The Office, I only really discovered Mindy Kaling recently when I started watching The Mindy Project on Netflix. It’s awesome. Laugh out loud funny. So cute. I kinda fell in love with her, and could use a little Mindy humour while I wait for the next season.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler | Amazon.ca
I love Amy Poehler. I think she’s smart, funny, and extremely talented. I desperately want to read this book.

iPhone 6 | Apple
So my iPhone 4 is feeling….dated. It’s slow. Apps optimized for much faster phones run slowly. The camera is somewhat lacking (it’s why I’ve basically stopped using it – the crummy quality of the pictures it takes depresses me). I need an upgrade. The only thing that’s been holding me back is the “new” minimum monthly spend all of the phone companies now have in order to get it and other “Plus” devices. I’ll eventually just suck it up and do it. But until I do…it’s on my list.

Mammoth Evo Clogs | Crocs
I feel bad about this entry on my list. I got a new pair of slippers last year from my in-laws. Slippers I’d picked out. And they fit great and were comfortable. Until the wooly insides got compressed. Suddenly they were a little too big…and the heels? They never really broke in or got malleable, and consequently rip my ankles up. Not great. So I’ve been eyeing the Crocs my husband was gifted last year…when he first received them, he confided to me that he “despised Crocs, and would never ever wear them because they looked ridiculous”….except they happened to be really comfortable, and he wears them all of the time. So yeah. I’d like to give ’em a shot.

Handwriting Name Rings | Silver Promo
The author of one of my favourite blogs wears a series of name rings instead of her wedding band. Each ring has the name of one of her children, and her husband. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the idea and started plotting how and when I could get my own set (to wear on my right hand, though…I love my engagement and wedding rings too much to supplant them). SPOILER ALERT: I’m totally getting these rings.