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Minted & Julep

I’ve been dreaming about making the little one’s birth announcements for…oh…nearing 5 months now. As it’s obviously not happening, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to seriously look at alternatives where I can (very) easily use a template and have done with it before the child can announce his own birth.

Which is how I recently ended up on Minted where I almost immediately got distracted, and never actually ordered any birth announcements. Seriously. All it takes is a shiny object or new content that I can peruse while feeding my voraciously hungry little one for the umpteenth time, and you can consider me distracted.

Enter Julep – Minted’s blog – which describes itself as providing design and DIY inspiration for home, weddings and parties. Which immediately got me interested because, of course, I’m always in the mood for some design and DIY inspiration (even if I have zero time to do anything about it because I have a small human attached to me half of the time).

What I found interesting about Julep was that, even though there are some plugs for Minted’s products scattered in here and there, they don’t hit you over the head with them. The emphasis of the posts is on the inspiration and ideas, and not on the sales pitch. For example, in a recent post on Nursery Inspiration they created a mood board inspired by one of their art prints:


The post is short and sweet: find some little thing that inspires you (like a cute print), and then pull colours, patterns, and themes from it to design the rest of the room (which, of course, isn’t what I did when decorating Boo’s nursery, but whatever). There’s no “buy now” – just a discreet link to the print, and its inclusion in the list of items pictured.

Of course, once I clicked through to the print, I got started looking at their art print offerings (the next “shiny object”) and, much to my surprise, my work brain kicked in…I really like how user-friendly their art selection process is.

Though not all pieces have the same features, many of them – just like Minted’s stationery – are available in multiple colour schemes:


To help get your head around each sizing option available, they provide this handy dandy comparison (and can I just mention I love that the model is mostly invisible in the 44″x44″ shot?):


And then, if the print has been included in an art wall inspiration board – showing what other pieces of art go well with it – well then, that’s there too, providing inspiration for your very own art wall:


All of which is just generally helpful, and a pretty cool way to integrate their inspiration boards into the shopping experience.

Well done Minted.


Friday I’m in Love: Tea

I have had a *wonderful* two weeks off over the holidays during which time I’ve accomplished very very little. But that’s ok. I wanted this time to rest, relax, catch up on some much needed sleep, and to properly distance myself from work (you know…to stop the constant hum of work-related crap constantly circling the back of my mind).

In these respects, my vacation was a grand success. A large part of which is due to the time I took to just sit, read, watch old movies, or play World of Goo, Contre Jour or Machinarium on my new iPad (thank you Stuart!). Regardless what I was doing, though, I did it with a cup mug of tea…and with homemade cookies (thank you Aunt Paige!).

Since I’ve been so tea-focused of late, here are few tea-related items I’m currently loving:

Pinned by Kaitlyn Titus via Beauty and Grace

hairbrainedschemes’ A Cup of Tea and a Long Book print

Pinned by Emma Edkins via Marley.and.Me

Skinny laMinx’s Everyone Came to Tea tea towel

Pinned by lorentsia via source

Teresa Doyle performing “You’re My Cup of Tea” (skip to about 1m 45sec to go immediately to the song).


Type Tuesdays: My So Called Type

One of my all-time favourite shows way back when, was My So Called Life…there was just something that felt so much more real about it than, say, Beverly Hills 90210 (which was one of its contemporaries, and which I admittedly also watched).

I related to Angela’s angst, her awkwardness, and her desire to be herself…whoever that was. As we watched her trying to figure that out in more or less everyday/realistic situations and predicaments, it felt somehow reassuring to see lives depicted on TV that struck a little closer to home than most other shows.

So I was quite please to discover, in commemoration of My So Called Life: My So Called Type

Available to purchase as an 18″ x 24″ poster, you can find the above, and a few other TV shows represented in type over at My So Called Type.


Friday I’m in Love

I’ve been living in what’s supposed to be a temporary apartment for over 4 months now…Because there’s an expectation (or hope) that I’ll be moving again soon, non-essentials were left packed. That means I have no knick-knacks or mementos out, and my walls are bare.

As I look at the very light peachy colour of my apartments’ walls, I yearn for a time when I’ll be able to paint my own colour scheme, and decorate. This weeks’ picks for Friday I’m in Love are some of the items I’d love to put on my future apartments’ walls.

Mixed media art always pulls me in, somehow…I love the combination of everyday ephemera, like scraps of newspaper or handwritten notes, with unexpected doodles, paintings or illustrations. This Mini Bluebird print by Dolan Geiman is the perfect example (and as if to emphasize its mixed media-ness, it’s printed on a block of poplar wood). See more of Dolan’s work on his website, or head over to his Etsy shop to see what’s for sale.

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan….both in print and in BBC productions (!). When I saw this print of an original oil painting of just Austen Dresses (and no bias for any one story), I could easily imagine it adorning the wall of a little nook, with a wingback armchair and reading light…I can dream. See Janet Hill Studio for more lovely paintings of everyday scenes, or stop by her Etsy shop to get your own reading nook print.

This combination of pink, balloons, bunting, and sweet treats by local Montrealer Eva Juliet won me over immediately. Her La Vie est Belle art print set has a wonderful sense of innocence and whimsy…it’d be adorable in a little girl’s room, or by your vanity. Check out her shop for more fantastic illustrations (including some that would look great in the kitchen).

I love bright colours…this print entitled Three’s a Crowd really appeals to me with its bright red wellingtons and vibrant blue juxtaposed with the snowy white bird and black and white leggings….and I just love vol25’s style…to see more of her work, check out her website, or go peruse the offerings in her shop.

I must have a weak spot for hearts in speech and thought bubbles.

What drew me to this digital painting by Brad Collins was the formality of the subjects’ attire, combined with the informality of the bubble gum…and possibly the combination of red and blue (again). The piece is aptly named The Love of Bubblegum and Red Dresses, and is just one example of Brad’s apparent bias for fun subjects: many of the pieces in his shop are of pop culture icons like Han Solo and Chewy, Audrey Hepburn and Doctor Who.