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Lately No. 8

I’m always getting bored of singing the same songs to Boo over and over again. Since it’s started snowing, though, I’ve allowed myself to dip into my Christmas songs repertoire. Unfortunately, my Christmas songs repertoire isn’t very large. At least not anymore – I can’t remember the lyrics to most songs. Except for Jingle Bells. I know those ones…all of them (including the Fanny Bright references, thanks to Barbra Streisand).

So yeah…I’ve been singing Jingle Bells to Boo. A lot. And ringing bells at the same time, which he likes. So much so, that he’s really starting to get into it:

Seeing that smile and excitement has suddenly infused me with the holiday spirit. I want to sing Christmas songs. I want to somehow decorate for Christmas in such a way that Boo won’t destroy my decorations. I want to drink hot chocolate by a fire. I want to curl up under a blanket and read Christmas stories to Boo, or watch Christmas movies with (or, let’s be honest, without) him. I want to throw him in a pile of snow just to see his reaction (okay, maybe not actually throw him…).

Christmas is coming…(as per Miss Piggy – we’ve also started listening to Christmas music)!

p.s. Did you notice those teeth? There’s still only three of ’em, but if they aren’t the cutest little teeth you ever did see….

p.p.s. I just discovered that Boo’s xylophone is in fact a glockenspiel. Who knew?